Sha Philosophy – Chapter14: FOOL

Indeed the word “ Fool” is expressed to specify some typical character among human folk only. It is very easy to know this  “ fool”.

The man, who is possessed by foolishness, can be identified from his behaviour.

. He resolves by himself that , he is the most intelligent in this world, his intelligence transcends entire world, whatever he does, is indeed intelligent work and it can certainly obtain commendation of the society.

. He tries to make his intelligence ( as mentioned above ) apparent to the public through his words, expressions and the way he acts.

. When he is in public, to gain respect and recognition for his intelligence, he beams his glances in some other direction ( i.e., avoids eye contacts ) , fixes them in the same manner without dropping eyelids as if he presumes that he has revealed his intelligence in those places ( localities ) and gained respect of the people.

. He gives reply to others even before they express their views in words. He presumes, if he converse with others in this way, he will be able to subdue them.

. He presumes every work he takes up and whatever he does is indeed for the welfare of the society.

. He thinks people are learning by observing his behaviour, his  activies and his way of life. He feels very happy for this within himself.

. To gain credit in the society, he hypocritically declares the work done by others is done by him only,  much before the other man declares.

. He scolds his own kith and kin as fools and ignorant, when they  speak  critically about his behaviour to him.

. The person , who has such an inherent nature won’t  listen to others. He cannot  logically think. He won’t be in a position to understand the outcome of his deeds ( which are based on his own ideas ) . His deeds are generally antisocial and condemnable. He is indeed a “ fool “.

When such a person reaches to a stage to learn supreme  knowledge to comprehend about God at certain period of his life, he resolves.

. No Master is required, because Master is also like any other human being.

. Whatever Master has learnt that can be learnt by anybody .

. Anyone can see God

Like this, with ego and emulation without really knowing the Supreme Knowledge  he argues with others  as if he had the knowledge of God. His arguments will be loathsome. They contain  unpleasant things to hear. Because of this, his opponents think, “ it is improper to argue with him further “ and then they become silent. Then, that “ fool “ presumes, he has made his opponents to shut  their mouths by revealing a great master piece of philosophy and feels happy and expresses his pride, which is in the form of obstinacy. By observing his mental state, his equals in the society amuse at his foolishness within themselves.

Such a “ fool “ presumes that, he has descended as  incarnate of God into this world to uplift mankind. He resolves, entire universe is moving peacefully without any troubles because of his spiritual power and feels happy within him. He thinks out of pride and arrogance that, all incarnates and prophets have originated from him and merge in him only.

Such a “ fool “ should not endeavour to perform important work; otherwise, there won’t be any limit for the murders, which he commits!

In your life time, if you happen to do spiritual journey by means  of spiritual practice, if you encounter such a foolish personality in your conversations, speeches or discussions, at that very moment itself drop the conversation and may you avoid the trouble of that  “ fool “ !.

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