Sha Philosophy – Chapter4: Wife-Husband

In the structure of human race of this creation, the aspect of “Wife-Husband” is a common convention. When we say “Wife” she is of feminine gender and when we say “Husband”, he is of masculine gender. According to the principles and methods of respective castes and creeds, formalities known as taking oath of fidelity in the name of “Marriage” are conducted, by means of rituals, with the blessings of priests in the presence of their kith and kin, to authenticate and pronounce them as couples. Then these couples are addressed as “Wife and Husband”.

The elders bless and make the couples to take oath that; the live together in the same manner till the end of their lives without separation. However, such couple pursues different courses and become worthless under the influence of time due to diversities of the world. Therefore, leading the life in the form of wedlock in highly insecure ( i.e. the wedlock in not strong)


The expression, which signifies masculine gender is said to be “Husband”. Indeed when he is identified as husband, he has to understand that, a  female form is attracting him; she may be unfamiliar with him.

Then a husband,

  • Should ensure that, her dignity and honor are not hampered
  • Has to establish affection, compassion, amiability and tenderness in his heart permanently and show them towards his wife.
  • Should make his wife; experience these expressions and his concern throughout her life.
  • Should keep her comfortable, render her to rejoice their relationship with ecstasy and revere him like deity.

He has such great responsibility to create in her heart (mind), such innate nature of “worshipping husband” like a deity worthy of worship. The man, who can bring this attitudinal change in his wife, is indeed fit to be called as husband.


The expression “Wife” signifies feminine gender. Primarily she should change herself into an image of extraordinary patience and perform her role and work. She should scrutinize every aspect of the world and reject those aspects, which stain her femininity, ( I.e. she should be virtuous) which is the attribute of wife. She has to prove her spotless conduct through her way of living ( behavior) at all times. By keeping in view of the world, for advancement of her life, she should establish herself as an extraordinary goddess in the view of society. Therefore, to satiate (obtain) the heaven created by her husband in his heart ( i.e. to make him realize his dreams); she should make him feel her love, intimacy, gentleness and innate amiability through her expressions ( behavior) , though they are virtually not expressed that, she is having them.

Therefore, the characteristics of modesty of a woman identified as wife are,

  • Placidity in expressions
  • Positive thinking
  • Adequacy in performing her role and activities
  • Patience while doing work and
  • The innate temperament by which she is never subjected to any criticism in the point of view of others.

Indeed, this sort of modesty of wife is the attribute of love in the view of her husband. The woman who has such modesty is the embodiment of love. She indeed is wife.


Marriage is not just a mundane act of ritual, which is associated with the expression of Mantras of Vedas ( text of religious books). It is to be realized subtly in the “unity of fusion of souls”.

Indeed it is happening that , the couples, who are identified as “Wife and Husband” by means of marriage, may be separated due to the difference of opinions after certain period of time in their life instead of living together with common view points. Therefore, it is just insufficient to define the couple  as “Wife and Husband” though the marriage is declared by means of Mantras ( religious text).  Even though , the eternal lovers “Shireen-Farahad” and “Laila-Majnu” were not declared as “Wife and Husband” by marriage, they are realized as “Wife and Husband” b “unity of soul”. Therefore, when we say unity of soul, it is not mere fusion of female and male souls. ( fusion of souls is not gender specific). It is mere union or fusion of souls. When this unity or fusion of souls is substantiated and becomes one, it is indeed Eeswaratwa (attainment of divinity or Godhood) Even in such realization of “unity or oneness of soul” , the power of delusion ( i.e. illusion, Branthisakti or Maya or Satan) will posses the minds. When it becomes necessary to prove it, the couple is required to be awakened into spiritual path by Sathguru (True master) and if they remember the great of power of that True Master ( Gurumahasakti, which is in the form of Mahamantra, mystic syllable sounds), the real nature of power of that illusion ( Mayaswarupa) will get separated and broken. Then the trick of that illusion will vanish. Truth will be realized. In that realization the will develop disgust at earthly passions and then they will certainly leave the difference and become one. This will be like a fire test to these Sadhakas ( accomplishers or seekers). If true Master ( Sathguru) happens to be their Master ( Guru), he has to manifest physically ( in person) or subtly ( in their spiritual visions) to help them to master those aspects of difference caused by illusion. True Master will reveal this to them in their experiences. He will render the bliss of the “unity of soul”. He will transform them into Adhyatmika tatwa Jeevas 1(those, who live as the essence of spirituality, the “unity of soul”  i.e. they live as one soul embodied in different (two) bodies). This is purely experiential. When this “unity of soul” is realized in the experience of any couple (Wife-Husband), there won’t be any limit for their happy life and bliss. This is purely equivalent to Eeswara ( divinity).

Radha-Madhava ( Sri Krishna)  and Sri Ayesha-Prophet Mohammad are indeed the individuals, who have reached such a state. It is necessary to comprehend this by understanding their lives.

Therefore, I wish you comprehend this.


1. Adhyatmika tatwa Jeeavas: To live as the essence of Spirituality. i.e., the couple to live as one soul embodied in different (two) bodies.

To explain this let us take some classic examples from the lives of eternal lovers.

  • Laila-Majnu
    was the daughter of a king of Bagdad. Majnu was a peasant boy. They fell in love. Their love was so sacred and profound that, Majnu could perceive the spiritual image of Laila  in his heart, in the universe ( as Cosmic Form) in every object and realized the “oneness of soul”. Similarly Laila also experienced the same. Owing to nonsensical behavior of Majnu as result of ecstasy of this spiritual experience, the public thought, he was a mad man and stoned and wounded him severely. Then the wounds also appeared on Laila’s  body at the places where Majnu was wounded. she too felt the effect of pain.
    – An abstract from Laila vilapam, written by Dr.Umar Alisha Sathguru ( 6th Head of this peetham)
  • Radha-Madhava
    or Lord Sri Krishna was one of the ten incarnates of the God. He was brought up among the cowherds. Radha  was a milkmaid. Radha fell in love with young boy Lord Krishna at her tender age. ( I.e between 8 to 11 years). Their love was so profound and sacred; their souls were fused and experienced the oneness or unity of soul. They lived as one soul in two bodies. Radha perceived Lord Krishna in every object and within as Cosmic Form. Radha used to listen to the melodious music of the flute of Lord Sri Krishna in every object of the universe and from within.
    – An abstract from Prema, Khandakayamulu by  Dr.Umar Alisha Sathguru ( 6th head of this peetham)
  • Shireen-Farahad
      was a sculptor. He carved the image of his lover Shireen on stones. With the power of his profound love he could invoke the soul of Shireen into them and made them talk.
    – An abstract from a poem from Sufi-Vedantadarsam, by Dr.Umar Alisha Sathguru ( 6th head of this peetham)
  • Sruti (divine words in accordance of Veda) says yekameva adviteeyam Brahman. The soul is one and not two. Soul ( God) is indweller of the universe ( every object and creature). Every thing is in it. Owing to the power of delusion, we perceive and feel the objective world is different from us and this is the real nature of the world. Sathguru ( True Master) removes this illusion ( tricks its trick), the feeling of this difference from mind and fuses his disciple’s soul with his ( His) soul. i.e., the universal soul ( Cosmic Form consists of Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light).
    – Dr.Umar Alisha Sathguru ( 6th Head of this peetham)
  • Similarly, the members ( seekers or disciples) of this instituion experience the “unity of soul” with the blessings of the Head of the institution ( True Master).

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