Tatwajnanam Editorial – Aug 2015 ( English Version )

Have salvation here within this physical by practicing Tri Ratnas of our Dharma
The Tri Ratnas are practice of Maha Mantra, Reading Philosophic books and Attending Aradhanas

Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham’s philosophy defines a status; dictates direction to mankind in everyday’s life and lets them travel in the path of philosophy with philosophic knowledge.  From early morning rise to till we sleep, we face many troubles, problems that are caused by ourselves, others and by the will of the God. They may be in the form of issues regarding family, finance and career and they cause unrest and grief. To have protection from such problems we must practice philosophical knowledge. Through that, we accustom ourselves to a peaceful way of life. With practice, mental strength arise in us and with that, we are able to face any kind of difficulty or sorrow.

Human form has hidden internal power. Physical body is in the gross form. Then, “What is that hidden energy which dictates physical?” The energy in the causal body dictates subtle and physical body. Thoughts originate from causal body. These thoughts may be philosophically oriented or influenced by six vices. Beyond causal, powerful thoughts emanate from great causal body. That means all these four bodies are important factors in revealing the spiritual practices. All good or bad deeds performed by us were originated from causal body.  By spending some time in prayer and through practicing philosophic knowledge there is a chance to stabilize thoughts and change bad thoughts originating from causal body to good thoughts. In this process, the gross body orders subtle and subtle in turn orders causal to thwart ill thoughts and generate good thoughts. Thus one can transform thoughts and lead a philosophic way of life. Beyond these three forms there is great causal body. This body is revealed as a salvation issuer. To transcend like a yogi, self realized soul and sadhaka (practitioner), and to attain salvation, one has to attain the state of great causal body. In that state one experiences ecstasy. In that bliss one envisions the form of embodied soul. That’s is called as “Darshan of soul” and known as spiritual bliss. Such yogic power is revealed by Maha Mantra.

Sadhaka evolves as a total being through Maha Mantra sadhana. Then that sadhaka will have strong mental power and at any point of time, in any way, will never be affected by physical life’s troubles, pains, losses and sorrows.  Gross body reacts easily to every issue. In comfort and in difficulty it reacts. This overreaction generates ill health to physical. So a balance state has to be created for gross, so that it won’t react much in difficulties and comforts. In that stable state one transcends as a yogi and gnani(the realized one). Such state of salvation is blessed by this peetham’s philosophical path. The experiences that occur through practice of Maha Mantra and philosophic knowledge are considered as great miracles. So, the blessings of Swami and the power we get are directly proportional to our aim and faith upon Swami. Our duty is to follow Swami’s order and that is to practice Maha Mantra and read philosophic books. That is penance (Tapassu). Being in ‘samsara’ (material world) and doing such penance will offer protection from happening worldly issues.  That why, our daily meditations are our protection and that penance comprise practice of Maha Mantra and reading philosophic books. In addition to these two, if one attends aradhanas (Sathsungs) conducted in respective village then that sadhaka will have Swami’s grace. By this one gets an experience which is unexplainable and is understood by self only. That human life which had such experience is very fortunate.


Author: Dr. Umar Alisha,
Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, Pithapuram.

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