Newsletter – June 2021

Respect time and nature

Do sadhana and follow Dharma to have control over life.

Dear Member Friends,

We are going through a critical time and the crisis caught hold of the world. The Covid 19 coronavirus is teaching life lessons to our Earthians. No one will come near to us, and all are afraid of Covid patients. In a nutshell, it is telling people that you have to live all alone and independent; you came alone and have to learn the lesson to live alone though amid people. Sath Guru says that the imbalances in nature resulted in the outbreak of the mysterious disease. Our doctor community found medicine, and scientists found vaccines, yet isolation is a part of this disease. Now, we can encounter this disease with medical help and a stable mind. Yet, time is teaching us eternal lessons like respect nature and ancient ways of simple living, etc.,

What is time? Is it a bygone time or coming future time… No… it is the present moment. Respect the time. Do not dwell in the past or future. Live in the current time as “Time is God”. Spirituality is to live in the present. Capture the time through the practice of spirituality. 

How to have control over time? 

Our Sath Guru propounded Thrayee Sadhana – a universal sadhana for the sake of humanity. We know that Thrayee Sadhana means Manthra Sadhana, Jnana Sadhana, and Dhyana Sadhana. When we chant Maha Manthra, we are auto connected to Sath Guru. In turn, Sath Guru is connected to the Highest Vibration- the God. Hence we are also connected to the Almighty. That power is invincible and lets us work as per our schedule. When we strictly follow our schedule, we are slowly taking a grip over time. Sath Guru Hussain Sha Garu, Dr Umar Alisha Garu strictly adhered to their schedules and never skipped any proposed agenda. If we observe our Guru Parampara with keenness, we can understand many secrets. Hence, we can conclude that follow Sath Guru and do sadhana to understand the time and have control over the time. As sadhakas, we have to pray Guru and Time to have their grace and blessings.

Thanking you.

Till next News Letter!

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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