Newsletter – Sep 2018

Sep 2018 News Letter

Need of the hour – Sath Guru Sha’s Philosophy

A right way of living


Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidhya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Sath Guru Sha gari  Jayanthi”.

Every human being loves to lead a merry life. But life cycle is governed by happiness and misery. Human mind is intelligent and always struggles to find peace and bliss. This search leads to many religious pursuits. If we see, our present society is filled with violence, unrest, stress and anxiety.  Technology blessed our lives with comfort and yet mind boggles. The differences among people pertaining to region, religion, language, race and nation are raising, vice versa atrocities are also on rise. Ours is a land of Vedas- the land of knowledge and in that land we have our “Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhythmika Peetham”, an absolute knowledge based Peetham blessing mankind with solutions at all levels through grace of Sath Guru, spiritual philosophy and service. The Peethadhipathis, the Sath Gurus are serving the mankind by rescuing them from physical, mental and spiritual agonies.

Present world needs true practical spirituality which assimilates essence of all religions and shows direction in the path of peace, enlightenment and harmonious integral living. Such true human practical philosophy is taught by this peetham’s  Peethadhipathis to the people irrespective of their caste, creed, sect, religion, nationality, social status, gender and age.

One such great Peethadhipathi is Sath Guru Brahmarshi Hussein Sha. On  September 9th 1905,  he was born as a first child to Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha.  He became seventh Peethadhipathi on 10-2-1945. He wrote a book called Sha Thathwam (Sha Philosophy) in Telugu language. This book is a guide to human life dealing all aspects of it right from the first breath to last breath. The physical, mental and astral level aspects are clearly explained stating true facts and answers all human miseries and problems. Any person, if follows this philosophy with sincerity will transform as a total being. Such is the power of the words in the holy text. Though a great Sufi saint, Brahmarshi Hussein Sha lead very ordinary life. His followers knew his greatness through miracles happened in their lives. Many are still alive and recollect life transforming experiences. “Live as a true human and realize the divine within this physical” says Sath Guru Sha. He preached what he practiced. His life’s mission is noble and till his last breath he taught spiritual philosophy to all aspirants. Many of them were poor, illiterate and socially deprived.

In commemoration of his services to mankind, at main ashram, on September 9th of every year, we celebrate Sath Guru Hussein Sha Jayanthi with full devotion.  Communal harmony meeting is conducted. Many religious heads attend this meet and address huge gathering. Thousands attend and understand essence of all religions. Thus waves of peace, communal harmony and spiritual knowledge are propagated. Many service projects, distribution of saplings and social welfare activities were also part of this day.

Spiritual philosophy is practiced by members through doing service with compassion and pure love. Here service includes both spiritual and social. The importance and aim of human life is reiterated through this meeting. The concept of “oneness of God” is explained to eradicate religious differences. The congregation takes oath to spread philosophic knowledge and service motto to all ignorant souls who suffer in misery and plight. Members and general public really await this event as it drenches them with showers of knowledge, refreshing their minds and planting seeds of spiritual ecstasy. Though Sathguru Sha’s soul is resting in peace, his ideals are motivating millions towards a bliss filled peaceful way of life. As his disciples, we too must lead our lives as he taught and do sadhana till our last breath.

Have happy sadhana…

Till… next news letter…..

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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