Nominate Dr. Umar Alisha for PADMA Awards 2025

PADMA Award nomination for 2025

Not yet submitted the nomination for 2024 PADMA Awards then please refer below guidelines:

Deadline for 2025 Padma Award nomination: 15 Sep 2024

Volunteers of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham and UARDT would like you to nominate Dr.Umar Alisha for his services in the fields of Communal Harmony, spirituality, and social services for the last three decades. If you agree, then please submit your nomination.

After the nomination is completed, please share your details at the following link:

Thanks, and we appreciate all your efforts in submitting the nomination.

Below are the guidelines for PADMA Awards 2025

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Please refer to the following documents


Step 1: Register your name by using the following link:


Select ‘Individual’

Enter First Name*: Enter your first name

Enter Middle Name (Optional): Enter your middle name

Enter Last Name*: Enter your last name

Select DOB*: Select Date of Birth

Select Nominator/Applicant Type* from the drop down: Citizen or NRI or appropriate one

Code*: (select based on your country) Mobile No.*: enter your mobile number

Email-ID: Enter your email ID also OTP, Login ID, Nomination id sent to this email ID

Aadhaar Number: Enter Aadhaar Number

If You don´t have Aadhaar, click here (checkbox)

If Selected then

Select Identity Document to Upload*

Identity Document Number*

Upload Document*(PDF file size should be less than 5 MB).

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Check-I am aware that my identity will be established by matching my personal identification details available in Aadhaar Records.

Captcha*: Enter the character that is displayed

Click Submit

OTP will be sent to your given mobile number

Enter new password with below options and click Save

Step 2: After registration is completed then nominate.

Login to
You can use below details when you are filling the nomination.

Check your mobile Message for the Login ID and enter Login ID and the password that was saved previously.

Enter Captcha and click Sigin In

An OTP will be sent to your mobile number

Nomination Page 1:

Please Select Award to Nominate

Award*: Padma Awards 2024

Category *: Choose anyone of the following you wish

Padma Bhushan or Padma Shri Or Padma Vibushan

Field (Area of Excellence): Select

Sub-Field (if any): Enter Communal Harmony / Spirituality / Social Service

If the person wants to nominate someone else, then select ‘Do you wish to Nominate Someone Else’

Nomination Page 2:

Enter the details of the person you are nominating.

Nomination Details

Title*: Dr

First Name*: Umar

Last Name*: Alisha

Fathers Name*: Mohiddin Badsha

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)*: 02/08/1966

If the Date of Birth of the nominee is not available select the ‘Date of Birth Not Available’ option and
then mention the ‘Age’.

Gender*: Male

Religion: Muslim



Nationality: Indian

Country: India

State: Andhra Pradesh

District: Kakinada

Address: 11-3-42 Main Road, Pithapuram 533450

Posthumous: No

Enter the subsequent details. Click on ‘Save and Next’ to proceed with the nomination process.

Click Save and Next

Nomination Page 3:

Brief Write-up/Citation on the work done by the person being nominated *: Note:- Maximum 800 Words (5000 Characters are allowed.) Please fill in your own wordsDetails of work done / Accomplishments

Significant contribution of the person being nominated *: Note:- Maximum 500 Words(3000 Characters) are allowed. Please fill in your own words[Please enter key words online like Communal Harmony (elaborate on Tuni Sabha that was conducted every Year with all different religion heads to maintain Harmony and peace), Social Service, Philosophy and Spiritual Wellness, Education for Children, Medical Camps, Women Empowerment, Relief, and Rehabilitation programs, Environment Protection, Rural Welfare programs etc]

Number of Years Working in the Field* Select 34 Years

Impact/Outcome of the work done by the person being nominated *: Note:- Maximum 400 Words(2500 Characters) are allowed. Please fill in your own words along with Awards- Impact / Outcome / Contribution of the work done

#Award NameYear of AwardFieldType of AwardAward Authority
1National Ganganadi Pushkara Puraskar Award2020Social Service StateJeevanadi Foundation Hyderabad
2Pratibha Bharathi Puraskar2019Social Service National Delhi Telugu Academy
3Biodiversity Conserver Award2018Biodiversity conservationState Government of Andhra Pradesh
4Vishwa Ratna International2018Social Service National Mother India International
5Green Award 1st Prize for NGO Category2017Biodiversity conservationState Andhra Pradesh Greening and Beautification Corporation
6Rotary Vocational Excellence Award2017Social Service State Rotary Club Kakinada
7Mother Teresa Lifetime Achievement Award2017Social Service National Mother India International
8Savitri Bai Phule Lifetime Achievement Award2016Social Service State Savitri Bai Phule charitable trust, Visakhapatnam
9Aatmiya Puraskaram2016Social Service State Government of Andhra Pradesh
10Jatiya Samaikyata Seva Purasakaram2016Social Service NationalVamsee International
11Visistha Seva puraskaram2015Social Service StateGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
12Aatmiya Puraskaram2013Social Service StateGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
13Visistha Ugadi Puraskaram2013Social Service StateGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
14Visistha Ugadi Puraskaram2012Social Service StateGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
15Ugadi Puraskaram2012Social Service State Visakha Samacharam
16Kinnera Vikrutinama Ugadi Puraskaram2012Social Service State Kinnera Art Theatres and Kinnera Cultural and Education Trust Hyderabad
17Bharata Sarva Matha Santhi Dutha, National Award2012Social Service NationalMother India International
18Ugadi Puraskaram2010Social Service State Visakha Samacharam
19Vikruti Nama Ugadi Puraskaram2010Social Service State Kinnera Art Theatres and Kinnera Cultural and Education Trust Hyderabad
20Best Citizen Of India2010Social Service NationalInternational Publishing House, New Delhi
21Chikitsak Ratan Award2010Social Service NationalGlobal Society for Health and Educational Growth, New Delhi
22Bharat Ratnasri National Award2009Social Service NationalMother India International
23Son of India Award2007Social Service NationalMother India International
24Visesha Puraskaram Award2006Social Service NationalDr Ramineni Foundation, USA

Nomination Page 4:

Whether Nominee received Padma Awards earlier Select as No/Not Applicable

Whether Nominee received Other Awards earlier Select as No/Not Applicable 

Other Relevant Information Note:- Maximum 300 Words (2000 Characters) are allowed.

Please enter in your own words:

Uploading of Photograph/Other Necessary Documents (File size should not be greater than 10 MB)

Photograph of the Nominee (jpg/jpeg/png) : You can right-click and use save picture as or save image as an option and use the photo to upload.

Dr Umar Alisha

Any document related to the contributions made by the nominee in their field of work (pdf) Attachments

Dr. Umar AlishaUpload Attachment: Click on any of the below links, download the file and attach  DrUmarAlisha Or Awards Or Media Coverage Or Media Speaks Or Press Coverage Or SVVVAP_2001 Or SVVVAP_2009 Or SVVVAP_News Clips Or SVVVAP_News Coverage

Declaration *: Check the box

Click on Save as Draft.

Once confirmed with the details then Click on ‘Final Submit’

If you have already submitted your nomination then please send it to your Coordinator – Thanks for your time and effort!!!

Enter your nomination number:

If you have any technical difficulties or require any assistance in nominating; based on your location kindly contact below numbers :

Dr. Pingali Ananda Kumar : +91 9866388979
Sri ManikyalaRao : +91 9705139659
Sri Chandrashekar Yanamadala : +91 7207577755
Sri Anisetti Suresh Teja : +91  9666303937 or +91  7093714344

Yerra Giribabu : +1 469-233-2698
Adabala Venkateswara Rao : +1 203-517-7899
TSV Srinivas : +1 862-849-8081
K. Satish : +44 7796308004
Yerra Krishna Kishore : +44 7771518748

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