Sha Philosophy – Chapter12: FRIEND

This universe is able to exist for about 195 crores ( 1950 millions ) of years as a semblance of peace. This is all due to the friendship among the five elements of nature. Every object , which has taken the form of life in this world, is rich in friendship ! However , their natural food habits cause enmity among them.

The wild animals cruelly kill and eat the gentle animals with enmity. The gentle animals eat away grass, shrubs, plants, twigs and trees and become enemy to them. Big fish swallow smaller ones. Birds eat away worms and insects. Like this , if we examine the food habits of all creatures including human beings, we can understand that even the human being , who has wisdom , also eats away many kinds of life forms as food items. In this way, unknowingly the man also becomes a gentle enemy of many creatures.

The intellectual development in human mind has the wisdom to realize anything up to Eeswara (God) . However, if his fitness for friendship is examined, he is unable to behave as a friend till the end .  In this way if we think, we can understand the perfect “ friendship “ is seldom found in this world.

The true nature of friendship is peace associated with contentment and very great sacrifice. The individual, who comprehends this fact and becomes well versed in such friendship, is indeed a super human. All the five elements of this creation, salute to such a friend.

Indeed, he perceives friendly eyes in every atom. He is not a foe to anybody. His inner most inherent nature is, to show equal friendship with the same contentment to his bosom friend as well as to his enemy ( who even intends to behead him ) when he takes refuge in him. It is quite natural; even such a friendly man may have friends and foes ( who are envious and malicious ) .  However, he neither exults nor excites when he sees his friends, nor fears when he sees his foes. He knows; the individual who is a friend may turn up into a dreaded and dangerous enemy to his life later, similarly the most powerful enemy may turn up later into a friend and save his life. He is well conversant about such contradicting dispositions of the world.

He always helps his fellow beings.  Causing harm to others is not his nature. To benefit others he won’t  consider, whether the beneficiary is helpful or harmful. He won’t even disregard , disappoint or abuse the person , who causes trouble or harm.

Indeed , his ambition is, to render unconditional help to his followers without considering their temperaments and virtues, though he himself is in a very difficult situation.

The individual, who follows and comprehends such a super human friend and transforms into his image ( replica ), is indeed a  “ friend “ . Between these friends, the spotless , friendly conflux of the five rudimental energies contained by the five elements always prevails.  Its true nature is everlasting  harmony or peace. Such a  “ friend “ sacrifices his life first,  prior to his friend, when they are in deadly danger.  The individual who keeps  up such mutual  ( reciprocal ) friendly relation is in reality a Superhuman. He transcends this world. The rudimental  energies contained by the  five  elements  confluence with profound  mutual  relationship and become one, in the same way the  friendship  between these friend  also is profound.  Such friends are honoured by the entire world. They live even after their death ( i.e., their fame remains ) . Their  fame becomes worldwide.  Indeed such a “  friend “ is in the form of  “ man “ in the creation of God.  The splendid fame of his friendship  attains the highest  rank in the kingdom of God and gets transformed into the semblance of  Nirvana ( the final beatitude i.e., the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light ) and attains synthesis.

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