Sha Philosophy – Chapter3: Father-Mother


Consecutively the man has to pass through four phases viz., Balya (Childhood) Yovvana (Youth),Kowmarya (middle age) and Vriddhapya (old age) in the period of his a life. It is proper to perform marriage ceremony in between Yovvana and Kowmarya.

Everybody knows that after the marriage, its result is emerging into progeny. After having children, the man is addressed as father. The human form, which has descended, as an offspring, is required to understand the individual, whom he is addressing as father. If the man keeps the form of his father in his mind and does focus his thoughts to inquire, towards the end he will be able to ascertain that,

  • My father is the cause of my soul to assume the shape of a human individual; otherwise it would have been descended into quiescent births
  • My father is always venerable because he is the cause for my synthesis in the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light,which is the result of liberation from the cycle of births and deaths by means of leading a conscientious life (i.e. with the moral sense of knowledge and ignorance and without falling into the pitch darkness of ignorance).

If the man imagines and visualizes eh quiescent births, which are lamenting, he will realize that, as a fruit of penance of that great individual (father), his soul has descended as human individual instead of reincarnating as a quiescent life form. Then the man has to inquire into the precautions to be taken as father till he attains youth from childhood. If the man remembers time and again that, how much hardship his father has faced pertaining to his health, welfare, fortune and celebrity, his devotion, faith and concern towards his father will certainly become doubled. Therefore, such a great personality (father) is required to be worshipped by every man in his heart. At certain period of time, when this man also becomes a father, he should lead his children in the same way as hi father did. He should never forget that he is responsible for his children’s celebrity and fame just like his father. Indeed this luck of perceiving this beautiful and wonderful world is rendered to this soul  is the result of penance of his father. That father who makes his children celebrated is indeed father. He is love personified. He, who behave differently from the above said manner and is being addressed as father is ruining his fame and glory and descending into quiescent births. In addition to this, he is also transforming his children into ignorant and leading them to descend into quiescent births. Therefore, when you assume the role of a father, you should ensure that your children acquired great fame and superiority. Besides he, who can affect his own celebrity praised in his progeny, indeed fit to be called a father.


Mother is the embodiment of wonderful  love in feminine gender. After marriage the female is called a wife. Then she worships her husband as venerable deity. She undertakes many vows to conceive. Indeed she knows that she has to carry the fruit of her vows as an offspring for nine months. From the day the symptoms of conception appear in her, some kind of rare pleasure and delight in the form of contrivance originates in her and grows day by day. Then she carries for nine months. She tolerates all the difficulties, which occur during these nine months. She sacrifices her body as oblation by disregarding the hardships. After the completion of nine months, during delivery she bears those immense and desperate birth  pangs and delivers the offspring. Then she feels very much delighted as soon as she sees that newborn baby. It is impossible to assess the value of such great expressions, how much pleasure she enjoys in her heart psychologically when she sees her beloved offspring. It is extraordinary. The man who realizes that a mother is the embodiment of divinity ( Goddess ) can certainly understand this fact.

Such a great mother always tries to protect her offspring with respect to its health and longevity by transforming herself into a penitent by doing a great penance within, which is in the form of anguish and prayer. She tries to protect her child’s life even by sacrificing her life first. She indeed is mother.

The mother is prime motive for her child’s wisdom and prosperity. Mother has the responsibility of making her children well-known for their fame and celebrity and they assume a high position in the society. To reach such a level, indeed mother is the basis. The children born of such revered mother should realize in their own experiences, how to regard and worship her. They should reflect that awareness in their humbleness and obedience they show towards her. She, who is adored in such an exalted position, is indeed mother. The children, who acquire the greatness of their mother, are indeed children. The values and virtues of the mother are the foundations for the development of the personality in whole humanity.

The mother, who

  • Behaves differently than the above described manner,
  • Obliges to the bondages of the worldly passions,
  • Becomes motive for bad qualities of her children,
  • Becomes a cause for the bad behaviour of her children, which is regarded with contempt by the society and which makes them deserve punishment, is not a mother but a devil.

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