Sha Philosophy – Chapter7: LOVE

Love is an extraordinary expression. It is a fact that every creature starting from the ant to Brahma(the  principle deity of creation) is endeavouring to manifest this love. Love is a very great inner energy, which is shown in different degrees. It is praised with words in different ways. The thing , which is praised as the image of love and also the person who praises it, won’t be able to perceive the true form of this love.

Some people say love is the secret of creation. Some people say indeed love is God. Some  people say love is the  fusion and synthesis of Jeeva (soul or life) with  siva (Cosmic Form). Some people say  entire  creation itself is full of love. Some people say love is union with lover. In such a way people are expressing their feelings about love in the form of exposition.

Man perceives this love in different ways and means in this mundane world. The love of mother is foremost and great in this world. In the multitude of creatures, every creature, which is in the form of mother, treats her offspring more precious than her own life and shows love. The love is said to be the mutual attachment shown by man and woman in their youth, through fascination, amorous gestures and feelings. The love is said to be the intimacy among brothers and sisters. The love is said to be the happiness shown by father on seeing  his child. The love is said to be the care taken by the birds and animals to bring up their newborn offspring. The love is said to be the aspiration for a particular item. The thing, which gives pleasure to the bride and the bridegroom (newly  wedded couple) is also said to be the love. Based on the above aspects love is depicted, but to define love like this is a bold step.

If  creation itself is said to be the love, it won’t be separated from Eeswara (God) . If Eeswara  himself is full of love, then there won’t be heaven and hell. If there is the fusion of Jeeva with Siva in a state of Samadhi (profound meditation), Jeeva won’t exist at all. If the entire creation is filled with love, criminal, hostile and vile characters won’t exist. If the union of lovers is love, they should live as one soul in two bodies. However , we don’t find such a thing among them. In the wedlock, the love of the wife and the husband will gradually diminish in due course of time after marriage. They develop some kind of dislike in their amorous gesture and feelings. Their love gradually transforms into destruction of their wedlock. If mother has true love, she should not develop dislike as her children grow. The fascination,  amorous gesture and feelings, which appear to be mutual attachment among man and woman are said to be the love, then that attachment should not be detached. If the intimacy among brothers and sisters is love, they should not develop jealousy and intolerance towards each other in due course of time. If the happiness expressed  by father on seeing his children is love, he should not curse them, should not  be furious and unkind towards them, when they oppose him. If the care shown by the birds and animals to bring up their offspring is love, they should not drive away their previously bread offspring (not the new born). If the enthusiasm shown in the desire for a particular object is love, the same status quo won’t be maintained till it is obtained. If the pleasure of intimacy enjoyed by the newly wedded couple is said to be full of love, when the bride becomes the mother of a child, this love diminishes. Therefore none could mundanely perceive the true meaning of this love.

However, it is quite possible to perceive “love” in the form of spirituality(i.e. in relation with the supreme spirit). A philosopher perceived this entire universe consists of innumerable cosmic globes in the form of maid in his spiritual vision and loved her. Majnu  perceived love in Laila. Farhad  carved images of shireen on rocks and perceived her love in them. Lord Krishna perceived love in Radha. Sri  prophet Mohammed perceived  love  in the hearts of all Muslims. Jesus Christ perceived love in cross through his enormous patience. This is real worship (practice) of love. Though the nature of their love is genuine, they could not depict and show it.

In spiritual terms the “Love” is said to be that phenomenon, when somebody grasps that glorious Divine Light, which is originated from Eeswara ( Supreme Master of the Universe) and transforms the other soul also into that light, the other soul should also respond to him by saying,  “Hi!” ( i.e., I am also in the same exalted state of Supreme Consciousness like you). Such a man , as can bring such a great transformation in others is indeed said to be the True Master. In this context the Philosopher said,

Gorintan  rudhiraavasesha  hrudayaakosambu  meghala  ga

Rjaaravambu  dogi  vaaridhi  tarangaarbhaatamul  daagi  du

Rvaarambaina  nigoodha  prem a kalanaaraagambu  garbhambulo

Neerai  nilichina  teeru  paatamulugaa  nerpun  maha  thyagi  yai.

Meaning :    By being a very great selfless benefactor, the True Master teaches spiritual lessons to His disciple,  by tolerating the disciple’s scornful expressions, which are like uproar of thundering  clouds and tidal waves. Though the disciple wounds His heart and makes it bleed till last drop of blood, He awakens the disciple into supreme consciousness with His irresistible and hidden love. The effect of His profound love is so intimate, that, it is like the amniotic fluid in the mother’s womb, which nutures the child prior to its birth.

The above words of the philosopher reveal that, every soul is the semblance of the Eeswara ( Supreme Master) who is in the form Rasaswarupa ( Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light). The other man should also comprehend these words (Vak) of the Philosopher and be able to pronounce that, “I am also equal to the Master” .  Such a powerful Master as can make the other human being (disciple) speak (respond) in this manner is indeed a real renunciate and full of selfless love. He is indeed fit to be called as  Sathguru (True Master) . This is the reason for srutis to praise Him as;

Aum  gururbrahma  gururvishnuhu

Gururdevo   maheswaraha

Gurussakshat  parabrahma

Tasmai  sri  guravenamaha

Meaning:   Aum , Great Master you are the principle of creation, existence and destruction.

You are verity the soul of universe, My Namaskarams (salutations) to you.

In Him the word of Aryan’s , “ Naguroradhikam, none excels the Master” will be proved ( Confirmed). Indeed such love, as is in the form of sacrifice, establishes the other man (Disciple) also equivalent to the Master. About such a great Master the  Philosopher said, “ Premanu  velaku  konedu  varu  galare,  can anybody purchase the selfless love of Master for price?” This statement will certainly become true in such a great Master only.

Indeed such  a True Master is the embodiment of the attributeless absolute, which excels the great spiritual  energies of the Trimurthee (Trinity). The semblance of True Master itself is completely composed of love. The Truth itself takes the form of True Master and is showing selfless love. Hence, the  semblance of renunciation or sacrifice is True Master. Indeed in Him only the disciple can perceive love. Such love is experiential. One should perceive it in their experience. This love is the stainless, pure and delusion free Rasaswarupa (Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light). This love is eternal and boundless.

Therefore, it is inevitable to pronounce, this love itself is  Rasaswarupa ( Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light).

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