Tatwajnanam Editorial – Feb 2018 ( English Version )

Editorial in English

February 2018 Issue | Thathwa Gnanam Magazine

                                Inculcate the nature of swan

Accept good and leave evil to realize the inner dwelling divinity

 We listen to many discourses at various places. At various time frames avatars, prophets, Lords and sages descended to reaffirm the eternal truth that “God is one” and their great divine voices were blessed in the book forms. If we read all the books then we realize the only one thing and that is “Divinity”. Human beings are always in search of God. What is the need for this exploration? From morning wakeup time to till bed time our body and mind is struggling hard with grief, stress and agitation. Influenced by these mind loses balance and will get destabilize. Agitated mind needs peace and that peace bestowing philosophy is spiritual philosophy. If we pray our heart’s trusted form of God with philosophic mindset then philosophic flowers bloom and that fragrance lets mind to generate philosophic thoughts. Through the power of those thoughts, an analysis regarding how we can completely exterminate life’s upheavals, sorrows, grief, pain and issues created by six vices is sparked in the mind. By furthering and coordinating this thought power, we can solve day to day issues with ease and grace. The power of philosophic thought inculcates a nature of “Patience” within us. Patience helps us to solve our problems.

Any problem takes some time for finding its solution. We have to wait in that time span with patience. Patience, philosophic thought and to wait till achievement of result are three cardinal principles. When we have these three we can get rid of any difficulty, pain, loss, sorrow, agitation and restlessness. Philosophic thoughts improve good thoughts. By them, we realize the path to reach divine power. In this way, through practice, we realize the inner dwelling mighty power. What is the nature of the physical?  Physical body wish to have food at three intervals in a day and acquire energy to fulfil its aspiration of survival.

Mind always strive to spend time in bliss. Soul anticipates salvation as it had long journey crossing 84, 00,000 life forms and entered into this human life form.  Soul aspire salvation. Mind aspire contentment. Body aspire livelihood. In this process of aspiration, obstruction is created by illusion. Many obstacles hinder our way if we try to do a good deed and it consumes much time. Instead bad deed immediately fructifies within no time. Both divine and demon natures are part of us. Good deeds end in good and bad deeds outcome is loss. Every act of good initiate divineness and bad act builds a path to evilness. We must do good deeds to enhance divinity within and stop doing bad deeds. To distinguish between divine and demon, mind has to transform like a swan.  The nature of swan is that it distinguishes between water and milk.  Hence it leaves water and consumes milk. Similarly, our mind when transformed as a swan accepts milk like divinity and leaves water like evil. In this way when mind is transformed, divinity is revealed. This peetham’s philosophy bestows such divinity and salvation.



Dr. Umar Alisha
SVVVAP, Pithapuram.

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