Tatwajnanam Editorial – Nov 2016 ( English Version )

Thathwa Gnanam Magazine| November 2016 Issue

Assimilate and apply Sath Guru’s preached knowledge in life
fill your life with flowers of peace and bliss

The knowledge obtained from Sath Guru should be assimilated and through mental ways we have to identify and implement spiritual philosophic knowledge in life processes. By this, there lay a chance to thwart ignorance. The soul incarnated expects knowledge. That’s why; we need to surrender to Sath Guru to lit inner knowledge lamp aspired by ‘the soul incarnate’. If we try to understand uniqueness and greatness lay in the meaning of word “Guru”, we comprehend it as pure and priceless. Sath Guru blesses mankind with salvation. That’s why; we need to surrender to Sath Guru to realize philosophic knowledge. If we thwart inner ignorance, we realize ‘the soul incarnate’ as primordial light. Vedas proclaim, “Thathwamasi, Ayamathma, Pragnanam Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi”. Aham Brahmasmi means “I became as the form of Brahma”.   The form of “I” is revealed. What is that ‘I’?  ‘I’ should be comprehended as the lamp of knowledge. The light of the Supreme illuminates ‘the soul incarnated’ and is revealed in the sound form as ‘I’.

Om kaara is the integration of Akaara, Ukaara and Makaara and that’s the integration of body, mind and soul. At physical human termed as ‘I’ and sounds as Om kaara with the combination of Akaara, Ukaara and Makaara. When it will happen? He sounds as Om kaara when he transcends to the states of Pragnanam Brahma and Aham Brahmasmi. Then, ‘The soul incarnated’ transforms as the Supreme and the fact that, “All pervading divine is filled in self,” is established. The divine power is filled in all of us. We have to observe and when we deeply observe, we transcend from body to mind and then mind to soul state. At that state we envision the Primordial light in the soul. Then we realize inner dwelling divine- the Brahma. Third eye helps us to understand the form of Brahma. That third eye is blessed by Sath Guru. By digesting Sath Guru’s blessed knowledge, we understand its great power through third eye. Subsequently the divinity that’s filled in us is proven. In this way, Sath Guru is defined as the one who reveals the inner dwelling divinity in human beings. That’s why, if we learn and understand the knowledge blessed by Sath Gurus, a culture of knowledge is established. Through knowledge, conscious state forms and with that sacred human life has to be fulfilled. We have live happily and comfortably. Sath Guru reveals an intention that our fellow beings also should live happily. When such intention arises, then peace forms. Peace renovates ‘way of life’ as a flowery path. Human life will be fulfilled when we change our ‘Life Process’ as a flowery path.


Dr. Umar Alisha
SVVVAP, Pithapuram.

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