Sha Philosophy – Chapter13: TREACHERER

Generally, “Deceit” is found among mankind in this world. The real nature of  “ Deceit “ among mankind  differs. Unknowingly innocent people become victims of deceivers . Such victims are many.

It is very difficult to understand the true nature of deceit. It is even more difficult to understand the nature of “ treacherer” and it is just  impossible . However, to identify the  “ treacherer”  here are  some clues.

. The  “ treacherer “  shows profound  devotion, bows down very much to show his charming  obedience  to whosoever admits him.

. Even stonehearted persons are bound to show  compassion on the  “ treacherer “ due to the facial expression he exhibits.

. He talks very nicely with pleasant and sweet words. He articulates his speech so well that others feel happy, show respect and liking towards him.

. People think every word he speaks , is really true.

. He makes people believe that,  every work he does is indeed  beneficial to them.

. He makes people  believe  that, he will save their life even by sacrificing his own life in difficult situations.

. Because of his behavior  people resolve that, he is always  submissive and his characteristics and nature  are pure.

. People will be in such a state that they can neither forget him nor keep him away at any time from their company.

. They trust him in such a manner that, even  though, their friends speak  about his past deeds of fraud and perfidy, they refuse to accept it.

. By this time , in their view, the “ treacherer “ establishes himself as their intimate friend and companion.

. In this stage , the “ treacherer “ acquires complete control over the person who trusts and surrenders everything wholeheartedly to him. Then the “ treacherer “ dupes and snatches away all the riches and valuables from his victim, till nothing is left.

. Once the  “ treacherer “ knows there is no futher use of his victim, due to greed and selfishness he resolves that, if his victim lives further, his treacherous  deeds may come to light. And then he won’t hesitate to kill him with his own hands or provoke others to kill him.

. The “ treacherer “ is merciless. He has no compassion at all in his heart. He is unfaithful.

Therefore, none should ever forget the existence  of such a “ treacherer “ in the society. Otherwise, he can be noticed, only when he kills his victim. At the time of death, in the presence of the  “ treacherer “ , if his victim looks  at him helplessly, he shows up himself to his victim with a mischievous smile, extreme joy and sadistic satisfaction in that pathetic  state of his victim.

When you observe or experience the above  mentioned aspects of the “ treachery “  in somebody or if you suspect  someone to be a “ treacherer “ , you should secretly inquire into his way of behaviour very carefully and test him. Then you can easily understand him. If you don’t  take even this much trouble, it is even impossible  for Lord Siva,  who has an eye in his  forehead ( i.e., who has acquired the eye of intuition ) to know him.

When  your inner voice ( intellect ) advises you about the person, who is under your secret  surveillance, may turn up as a  “ treacherer”  ( deceiver ) at a certain point of time, immediately drop him from your company without causing any annoyance to him.

The  above mentioned good qualities may also appear in innocent and truly obedient persons also. If so,  inquire into their past life, it will be certainly pure. Then it is bad on your part to suspect such truly obedient persons.

Even though, the person who is identified as a “ treacherer “  is dropped from your company, be sure that he is your most powerful, ferocious enemy. Remember that he has lifetime enmity with you ! So, you should always be cautious about him and think that whenever he meets you he may even kill you.  Therefore, to avoid him, show your displeasure through your facial expressions, which are associated with seriousness and angry looks. One should follow this. Even then, be careful. Because though the  “ treacherer “ leaves you due to the fear of confrontation with you at that moment, he continues to plot your ruin in your absence. He won’t  sleep peacefully until his opponent is completely ruined.

Therefore, if you doubt  anyone to be a “ treacherer “ , it is better and beneficial to leave him immediately. This is essential.

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