Newsletter – Dec 2019

News Letter Dec-2019

Follow the footsteps of Sath Guru


Lead a realized life within this physical

Dear Member Friends,

I hope this mail finds you all in good spirits and cheer. Swami’s well awaited tour of Karthika Masa came to an end. Time rolls, witnesses the happenings and waits for none. We honor and praise it as a form of God. Sath Guru Hussein Sha garu always used to stick to time schedule. He used to fix his day’s schedule in the morning and at any cost abides by it. Observers of that time were amazed to see his perfectness. They recall, “Whether it is thunderstorm or flood or blazing hot summer his meeting starts and ends as per the agenda”. The secret behind this is, Sath Guru dictated time and practically set a model behavior that could be adopted by any wise disciple to handle precious time. He demonstrated many techniques to lead a blissful life. He led a simple life and sadhakas used to move close to him. Yet, only few could understand and breathe his sublime spiritual principles. The success of great men lies in their hard work towards achieving set noble goals. Great men never take rest though they possess all comforts that are enough for having fun in life. They incessantly work hard towards a noble cause. Lord Krishna, Lord Jesus and Prophet Mohammed’s lives are exemplary examples for persistent hard work for the upliftment of masses and establishing Dharma.

How to control life?

The age of kali is highly influenced by illusion. In addition we have influences of karmic stack, mighty kundalini and overpowering time. All together pose problems and we find hard to beat them up and win the battle of life. Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha says, “Practice Thrayi Sadhana and become in-charge of your life”. From the life of Sath Guru Sha garu, we can comprehend his power in controlling five elemental forces- the life governing forces and the glory of time management. What is the message?  What we need to do? Just follow the footsteps of Sath Guru, have faith on him and experience new blissful life.

Till …next news letter…

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara


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