Newsletter – Jul 2017

Surrender to Sath Guru
find inner unity energies

Dear Member Friends,
We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham, wish you all a very HAPPY GURU PURNIMA.
On this occasion, we have to remember Masters of all times and pay our respects to them.”Guru”- the word itself is self explanatory about Great Masters. Guru means the one who removes darkness like ignorance and fills disciples’ lives with light- the real absolute knowledge. A life without knowledge is like a ship travelling without proper navigational instrument (A compass/ a gyrocompass). The directionless ship fails to reach destination and a life without a Guru fails to understand essence of life and subsequently fails to achieve the real purpose of life- the salvation.
Present society is filled with hatred, suspicion, violence and differentiation. When creation emerged separating itself from Primordial light, there existed the feeling of difference and opposition. All living forms have innate feeling of hatred and antagonism. We may not totally eradicate this evil feeling but as an evolved beings upon this planet earth, we can control it to a certain extent that to under our life’s purview. We must be very cautious regarding this innate nature which is in ourselves and others. Even a tiny plant can recognize with which attitude we are approaching it. This life threatening feeling of enmity must be answered for a healthy living.

Sath Guru Hussein Sha philosophy and his teachings answer all life boggling issues including hatred and differentiation endangering life forms. He explains to live with awareness about our feelings and be alert about evil feelings and hatred awakening situations and rise above it with sadhana and surrenderance to Sath Guru. Whenever we spot such inner feeling we have to pray Sath Guru and live in accordance with dharma. A sincere prayer will transform inner feelings of hatred into pure love and differentiation into unity. Time is a major factor in creating a problem and healing it. Our unflinching philosophic nature and patience in a dispute situation will let the other person realize within the time frame his/her mistakes.
We are all connected and our source is same. The light shining in all living forms is ‘infinitesimal of Supreme’ and is ‘ONE’ only. Hence, there exists a force of unity in all beings.

Here is the simple technique taught by Sath Guru Sha garu to awaken unity force in self and other beings. Mantra is Guru and Guru is the form of Mantra. By chanting Mantra we will be auto connected to Gurudev and we get his blessings. The greatness and vibration of mantra will touch and awake the inner integral consciousness of self and our fellow beings’ innate force of unity, wiping off demon feelings of hatred and differentiation etc., This sadhana evolves us as perfect beings filling our lives with love, light, stability and peace.
Dear friends, is it not simple!!!
On the eve of Guru Purnima, ‘sadhana’ is the only flower that we can offer to Sath Guru’s holy feet. So, do more sadhana and live as an exemplary person. Follow dharma and be dear to Gurudev.
Till… next news letter…..
Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara


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