Newsletter – Jun 2015

Pray Sadh guru and time to rise above illusion

Dear Member Friends,

Hope you are all doing great with Swami’s blessings. The bliss of a child’s laughter, the fragrance of a flower, the nature’s beauty all glorifies life’s events. But glory of all glories- the eternal glory is undoubtedly the grace of Gurudev. One easily gets Guru’s divine blessings by following his word. Sadhana, service and reading philosophic books and implementing them in real life are tri ratnas(three jewels) of our dharma.

Many people visit Gurudev in search of solutions to their troubles, problems and grief. After getting solace, they forget Guruji. Some may turn against him; become violent, forgetting the blessings and benefits they had in surrender. What happens to such back stabbers? Like God in the shrine, nothing will happen to Guru. But the abuser will be tested by time and will get due punishment. As we all knew time is divine. Here one important aspect we have to remember is that the true divine love is Gurudev’s love (Sha philosophy). His compassion and care are unmatched. So, all disciples must be very careful as illusion engulfs us and powerful Satan’s negative influence is overpowering. We are all susceptible to such attacks. Illusion keeps us away from holy Guru and lets us deviate from the true path. To protect self from all these evils, pray Guruji and time. Sadh Guru’s protection will thwart all such negative attacks. A true prayer will bring immense positive changes in lives.

So… dear friends, please be conscious and stay in Guru’s aim by chanting Maha Mantra and have perennial blessings from Gurudev to attain liberation within this physical.

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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