Newsletter – Mar 2024

Dear Member Friends,

How are you all?

Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham conducts an annual meeting on communal harmony on the first Monday of March (4th of March,2024) at Tuni Dargah (Sri Kahen Sha Vali Sath Guruji Samadhi) in East Godavari District. The religious Heads of various religions attend and uphold the universal truth that God is one and religions are paths to reach God. People await this event and flood to listen to all religious Heads.

The delta regions of Krishna and Godavari are very prosperous and a place for intellectuals. Many wise say that literature emanates from places of abundance. Spirituality and its practice are very different where practitioners live on meager food and essentials and still stick to their Guru. Sufi Mansur Al-Halla, a realized soul, never left his Guru even though he knew about his death. The relation between a Sath Guru and a disciple is unexplainable and beyond human imagination. The Guru attracts his disciple like a magnet attracts iron filings and guides him towards the divine.

Human life is short and based on time. In a limited timeframe, people wish to achieve their aspirations and desires. Some try to get out of problems and diseases. All problems are an illusion created, and we live in a practical world where every problem created by kundalini, time, and karmic stack to teach lessons about the essence of life is to realize the divinity within and salvation. When a problem hits a disciple, he approaches his Guru, and out of a kind heart, Guru blesses him. But, when the problem is not solved, the disciple curses himself, and at a point, he feels sad about his Guru for not caring for him and inducing his power of blessings for true relief. Where lays the problem in Guru or Disciple? A thought sparkles in my mind that Sath Guru is always judicious and wishes to relieve the disciple, but the disciple does not know how to receive blessings.

How does a disciple have to receive blessings from a Sath Guru?

An Aura protects the physical body along with personal barriers and blocks. An individual is afraid of society and develops two types of personalities, one open and one hidden self. This hidden self has so many blocks and never lets anything enter into self. Fear is the result of segregation. When one attains a self-realization state, his self-imposed barriers vanish, and he starts loving all people. Then, the whole world becomes his family. Sath Guru showers powerful energies through the blessings, and the personal barricades won’t let those energies into the physical, and then they will hang around the ether body. First and foremost, we must have faith and trust in Sath Guru and feel the blessings and should affirm every day I am receiving Sath Guru’s blessings, and I am healed and blessed. Such affirmation will do miracles.

Expand the consciousness

Do sadhana to expand the self. Do regular practice at a specified time and let the self burn blocks, barriers, negativities, and spiritual stigma. Then fear about self and society will burn, and an enlightened personality develops that is ready to receive all positive energies and Sath Guru’s blessings.

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!!!

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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