Newsletter – Jun 2022

Dear Member Friends,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. 

Our day starts with a smile, good morning, and a cup of coffee with our family members. As human beings, we all crave to have love and good relationships. At a young age, we try to impress our mother and get appreciation from her. As we grow old, we try to impress all those around and try to project a good image. These acts are all to get affection, care, and love from others. Human nature is to have love and compassion. Sath Guru Sha garu said that just by taking the form of a human, one can never become a human being. Under the guidance of a Sath Guru, when a person does sadhana and realize the inner dwelling divinity, then he can be called as a true human being. Such a person has the nature of pure love and compassion. If we introspect, our priority towards persons change with changing times. At a young age we are attached to parents, later wife/ husband then children, and grandchildren. All relations exhaust with time. Time moves and our focus on relations shift. What is true in life’s journey on relations? Where can we find true love?

Life is like a question bank. From our childhood, we have so many questions and many will come in our life travel and answer us in the form of parents, siblings, teachers, friends, guides, and a Sath Guru. The only relation that expects nothing in return is Sath Guru. He is our soul mate as he is omnipresent. He is compassionate and exhibits pure love towards one and all. His love towards disciples is eternal and helps them at physical, mental, and spiritual levels irrespective of time, space, and circumstances. He is a true rescuer and we must always be aligned to the grace of Sath Guru.

What do we have to do to stay in touch with Sath Guru?

The fact is that we have to earn eligibility to get Sath Guru’s blessings. For that, we have to do sadhana and do service to the poor and needy. So, dear all, let us do more sadhana and stay close to Sath Guru and his love and grace.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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