Newsletter – April 2022

Dear Member Friends,

A Happy Ugadi- Telugu New Year. Whether it is the Gregorian calendar’s New Year or a Telugu calender’s New Year, it is a perfect time for celebration with near and dear. We make new affirmations and wish to succeed in life.

Self always precedes in life, and we never care about others as we feel we have more troubles in life. At 29 years of age, Gautama Buddha came outside his palace and saw an aged man, a sick person, a corpse, and a monk in meditation beneath a tree. He started to think afresh of life and found a new way of to deal human sorrow. Gautama influenced many through his teachings, Middle path, and now Buddhism is one of the most practiced religions in many countries. He left the day when he saw the truth of life and dedicated his life to humanity. When we expand our thinking from self to others, our consciousness expands, and our significance as a being on this planet enhances. Guruji always says to do selfless service in addition to Thrayee Sadhana to expand ourselves universally and in the process to know ourselves. While we do service, our heart chakra blooms with compassion, and inner transformation starts. In addition, Thrayee Sadhana deals with physical, mental, and spiritual levels and ultimately helps one realizes within this physical. To live within this physical is bliss, and at the same time, hardships of life trouble the being at times to secede this life. Life is beautiful, and the only thing is we need to know how to lead it. So, to end confusions, sorrows, and miseries of life, Guruji unfolded a simple sadhana for us, and we are practicing it without fail.

Sath Guru always aims to establish a bliss-filled world governed by knowledge. Dear friends, let us take an oath on this Ugadi to fulfill Sath Guruji’s dream of establishing a merry enlightened world, and for that, let us do more practice, and these practices generate more positive energies and vibration. All sensitive souls will receive these energies. These powerful energies will help rise above the existing turbulent conditions and establish a world filled with love, light, health, happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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