Newsletter – Nov 2019

News Letter Nov-2019

Dear Member Friends,

Long ago, Sri Muthuswami Dikshithar(1775 A.D to 1835 A.D), a poet, singer ,Veena player, legendary composer of Indian classical music, was travelling and happened to pass by a country which was badly struck with famine. There is no crop, food and water. Deeply moved by the plight of people, Dikshithar sang a melody set to rag “Amruthavarshini”. For ages, nature answered  the prayers of sincere hearts and responded to Dikshithar with heavy rains. Soon dried up canals, tanks and rivers filled with water, the vegetation flourished, the animals survived and people’s faces lit up with hope and cheer. The enlightened king of that country understood the secret behind the rains and searched for that noble person, found him under a tree and bowed with gratitude. The presence of great people attracts positive energies and blesses the people and areas with love, light, health, happiness, peace and prosperity. By this time, you might have guessed the reason behind reminding this fantastic story of a legendary in music composing. Yes, as this is the month of karhtika, whole of Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka region people eagerly await Sath Guru’s darshan as he widely tours all the places to bless public as well as places. Are we not fortunate? Yes, we are fortunate to have a Sath Guru who travels often to meet his disciples.

How to receive blessings of Sath Guru?

We need pre-preparation for having Sath Guru’s darshan at our places. Imagine, if you pour water in a already filled glass, what will happen? Water will overflow as glass cannot take in more. Similarly, our minds are full of junk assimilated from daily news papers, media, friends, family and thoughts originating from the hidden self. It is like a filled glass. We should cleanse our mind and make it afresh, then newness can be poured. How to cleanse a boggling mind? Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham has got an answer for any question and a solution for every problem. We have with us Thrayi Sadhana taught by Sath Guru. Through regular practice of Thrayi Sadhana, one gets perfection in handling mind and day to day life. With this sadhana along with following Dharma, our physical, mental and spirit gets ready to receive the divine blessings of Sath Guru. It is said, “Mathru devo bhava; Pithru devo bhava; Acharya devo bhava; Athidhi devo bhava”. If we watch Sath Guru, he acts as per Dharma and strictly reprimands ill-treatment of teachers, parents, guests or any human being. He says “Never ever hurt any soul by look, word or deed”. Sath Guru practices what he preaches. So, let us all follow him and lighten Mother Earth by purifying and beautifying our souls.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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