Newsletter – Oct 2018

Oct  2018 News Letter

Practice Thrayi Sadhana to experience enlightenment

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Sarannava Ratrulu (The festival of nine enlightenment days)”.  These days are considered as best days for sadhana. Durga Astami is celebrated on the eighth day, when Goddess Durga emerged to vanquish demon Mahishasura. On the tenth day (Vijaya Dasami) she destroyed that evil Mahishasura to reestablish peace and Dharma upon this planet earth. Mother Goddess protected her children from misery and evil. It is a victory of good over evil and a brilliant shift from darkness to light. This day also marks Lord Rama’s victory over evil Ravan and end of the exile period of Pandavas. Every year, nine days of severe practice and tenth day celebrations became a part of sincere sadhaka’s life.  If we ponder in depth regarding this historic event, we will realize that it is actually depicting our inside story- the drama of mind and its game.

Mind is like mercury liquid, fast and is a conglomeration of good and evil. It can have high noble thoughts as well as mean and aghast thoughts. Immediately after birth, a human being is stamped with an identity depicting gender, race, religion, nation and status.  Bought up in conditioning, mind takes decisions as per native Dharma. In many ways the hyper and volatile mind is controlled by Dharma and fear of public disgrace. If we adopt a Dharma which is universal and humane then to certain extent, mind tries to elevate to that level.  Here we are afraid to see the abyss of mind and its negative patterns which is the cause of growing violence and crime in the society.

How to control volatile mind???

Our great Gurus blessed mankind with a universal sadhana called Thrayi Sadhana which is apt for current time and can be followed by practitioners of any religion. Thrayi sadhana means Mantra Sadhana, Gnana Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana.  Severe penance is not necessary. Sadhaka can lead a normal life and has to spend just 20 minutes per day. A sadhaka can chant mantra taught in his/her religion. In second sadhana, the Gnana sadhana, sadhaka has to read book of religious philosophy and has to implement the essence in real life situations. The third is Dhyana sadhana. Dhyana means meditation. These three practices handle three levels of a being and they are physical, mental and spiritual. A diamond is cut by a diamond only. Similarly mind is a powerful tool which can be utilized through Thrayi sadhana to cut its negative influences and elevate it to absolute silence.  In this way, an individual can experience real Vijaya Dasami by conquering demon state of mind and attaining divine nature by realizing inner divinity.

Time is always a dictator human life and conditions. Hence we see it as a form of God. Now, we are in enchanting sadhana time of Sarannava Ratrulu and we must do sadhana with devotion, faith, aim and knowledge. Time surrenders to a true practitioner and for such individual every day is an enlightened day. So, dear friends let us follow the footsteps of Sath Guru and do practice “Thrayi Sadhana” to lead bliss filled life.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara
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