Sha Philosophy – Chapter24: PATIENCE

The existence of the whole world, which is composed of five elements, is the result of tolerance and is the true nature of patience. In this world every element swells with rage to outdo the other and ultimately it will be contained in the peace, which is the true nature of patience.

Earth :

Earth is one of the five elements. If you visualize , it can become outrageous with earthquakes, get transformed into destruction and gobble millions of lives. If you critically examine and question how much patience it has, one can realize in their experiences that, indeed the earth is maintaining enormous patience in the form of quietness.

Air :

One can realize how much patience the wind maintains in the form of calmness when we examine the horrible tornados, which cause severe loss of lives.

Sky :

If we imagine, it can be realized that, how horrible would be the great stage of destruction, if the sky cracks, and also the patience it maintains in the form of silence and peace by not cracking in the way we have imagined.

Fire :

If we imagine ; the way the fire spreads with rage, the inferno it causes and the carnage it creates, we can realize, what an element it is. We can also know even such fire is also contained in calmness with humility and madesty.

Water :

It is very difficult to describe the rage of water when it takes the form of floods with furious whirlpools and cyclonic storm. It can annihilate anything, however exceedingly strong it is. If we examine such water, we can realize how it is contained in our hands with obedience and how it becomes calm with patience.

Man is the exalted life form. He is a complex of all the above five elements that consist of soul. The quality of patience is natural to him. The illusion, which has possessed him, wipes out his innate patience. It provokes anger, which is associated with desire and intolerance, which are in the form of envy. Then it creates conflicts among human beings. Therefore, man is unable to discover the inherent and subtle gift called “ patience “, which is present in him. He is unable to put it into practice. Though , sometimes he may think it necessary, because it is not useful to him, he takes it lightly and drops it . This is the result of his great ignorance. He is unable to understand that, patience is the real tool, which glorifies his innate humanity and greatness of mankind.

If you want to understand “ patience “ , sit alone in a secluded place, look at the entire world. Then examine your reflections. Visualize the patience among the various kinds of animals and humanity that can realize the secret of Eeswara ( God ) by means of the Supreme Knowledge.

When you view the crooked and intolerable actions of each and every individual, visualize and ratify the way how such actions can be abolished and performed in a good manner so that they are not criticized by others. Similarly examine and think about the way you speak and the words it contains. If those words are likely to hurt the feelings of others, ascertain to speak in the fittest way with the words, which please others, and not to be criticized by them. Then view the characteristics, habits and the haste or impatience shown by others in their work or activities. Then, change your mannerism in such a way that your patience does not get affected. Bring stability in your behaviour, which is changed into the above said manner. In this world , every human being is falls into troubles because he ( she ) doesn’t show patience in his ( her ) actions, expressions and work due to his ( her ) ignorance of the power contained by being patient. Man incurs losses because of the haste he shows in his actions, work and expressions. Of his own accord he is unable to come to a positive conclusion in his talks, actions and work. When he finds anything adverse with respect to his talks, actions and work , he gives up patience and starts abusing others. It might be in your experience or you may visualize that, the outcome of the affairs which are dealt with by such people at various places and under various circumstances, will become adverse due to their impatience. Usually such people say with regret that, “ We have actually lot of patience. We have  tolerated to the maximum possible extent. But others have turned hostile and opposed us till the end and tested the limits of our patience. Hence we couldn’t bear them anymore and have come into this state “. This is the way how the man turns hostile. Under such a state, he may use such a language, as irritates others or he may resort to hostility in action ( such as assault ), which makes him condemnable and suffer.

If you really have patience, divert your attention towards the practices of the world. Then, of your own, try to assess the opinion of the society about the manner you keep up patience while you are in unforeseen troubles caused by others. Then you can visualize how people behave hostilely. To be precise: Some sorts of people abuse one another. Some others foment quarrels for no reason. Some people cause impediments to the activities of others. Some people become envious of the welfare of others and they cannot even bear the progress of others. Some people like to observe and give their justification for the outcome of such practices. Besides these , you may also visualize many people who suffer from such troubles caused by such unjust persons.

This world may possibly push you into grief by causing any trouble out of the aforesaid practices of the world. Then, with strong determination, you should proactively use the exceedingly powerful weapon called endurance with patience. Keep up firmly this weapon called patience at every moment, while speaking every word and performing every action, and transform yourself into an embodiment of peace. Always show smile on your lips so that the grief from which you are suffering doesn’t show up or is not revealed to others and change your appearance into splendiferous.

Like this, out of your own free will, visualize and examine all such practices of the world and discover their outcome and try to avoid them. Lead your life in such a way that, such hasty and impatient people are never admitted into your company. If somebody mocks at you by seeing your amiable behaviour to embarrass you, even then bear with it and keep up a smile on your lips by concealing the tinge of pain of that humiliation. On seeing this, if some other person ( who is also envious ) satirizes you by making proverbial statement that, “ Siggumohamunaku chiru navvey andamu , smile adds beauty to bashful faces “ , then understand his ignorance and hide him in your heart. Whenever you are subjected to such humiliation, observe the above method of keeping up patience. Then you can understand the persons who satirized you. Then such magnificent patience as you have shown will come to your rescue and can escape from the troubles.

When you reach to this level, you may become lenient in the view of the society. Then some people may try to bring disgrace to the name and fame of you and your family. When such things happen in your life, make them know your self-esteem by causing dreadful apprehension to them about you and don’t rest till they drop their inimical behavior . As such the innate power of patience within you makes the others fall on your feet or squat down. When they submit to you like this, in that situation excuse them with patience. It is because you are capable of realizing the true perfection of soul, which is in reality, has the identity of form with God. Therefore, don’t perturb, have patience. The greatness of patience will be lost when you hurt the feelings of others, even though you have shown the patience till the end of your life.

Try to understand, the world behaves against patience because of illusion. Such impatient behaviour of the world leads to destruction. This illusion hinders your endeavour to attain salvation and tries to retard your progress in your spiritual journey and throw you into the worldly passions. This illusion may bring hardships, which are very much complex and may turn you into an atheist. However, the exceedingly strong means for attaining salvation is in the form of union with the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light is indeed patience.

Therefore, may you become the embodiment of patience till the end of your life, continue your spiritual practice and totally transform into the Miraculous Brilliant Divine Light to attain salvation.

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