Sha Philosophy – Chapter6: VIRTUOUSNESS

Soul has obtained human form in the natural process of creation. This word “Virtuousness” is expressed to signify the transformation of human soul into an image of purity. So, the attainment of sanctity is the evidence for Virtuousness. This subject is experiential.

When we talk about the Virtuousness of women; the woman should,

.  Observe principles of Pativrathya ( matrimonial fidelity or chastity)

.  Revere her husband as the deity worthy of worship when we talk about Virtuousness of men, the man should,

.  Observe the principle of Ekapathnivrata  ( monogamy i.e. one wife) in the woman, whom he marries lawfully.

.  Indeed resolve his wife is the most beautiful

.  Transform her into an image of love

.  Be gracious; give respect and status, which are equal to those of his.

In general , the above- mentioned aspects are said to be “ Virtuousness”.  However this “Virtuousness”  is a big ocean. When we bathe in it, it will purify our body and also soul. It is very difficult life. The practice of love, which is in the form of above-mentioned matrimonial relation itself, is not the origin for  “virtuousness”. Just by doing  practice of this much, the woman need not be called virtuous woman and the man a virtuous one. In case of a woman; when she  visualizes a handsome male form other than her  husband in her Drukh ( subtle eye/inner gaze/eye of intuition/mind) her instinct, which is originated due to delusion provokes her to seek him physically. Similarly, in case of a man, when he visualizes a beautiful form of a woman other than his lawful wife in his Drukh and she appears to be inviting him as if she is soliciting, his instinct provokes him to seek that woman physically. In such conditions the wife and the husband lose their virtuousness. Moreover, they may get  separated from each other when such thoughts persist and become strong.

Therefore, if anyone wants to be praised as virtuous by the society, he should know that, he should attain this virtuousness, known as purity by every organ of his body (which is form head to the feet) by performing pure actions. This purity is known as  “ physical virtuousness” .

To be precise,

. The work done by your legs should be pure. i.e., the socity should admire every pace or step ( behavior) of yours.

.  The work done by your hands should give peace to your soul (mind).

.  You should take this purity into consideration, when you look at any object with your eyes  and also in the way you perceive and grasp them. In addition to this, your eyelids also should observe purity !

.  Every sound, you listen to, by means of your ears should be scrutinized. You should grasp only the good  contained by those sounds.

.  Every smell you inhale by means of your nose should ultimately yield to be the good smell. To explain this, for  example, let us examine the human excrement. It  smells worse when compared to any other foul matter. Its constituents are metamorphic form of various substances produced from earth of this world that consists of five elements. If you  further inquire into the composition of human excrement, you can comprehend that those substances, which constitute it, were originally good smell only.

. he desire of sensual pleasure, which is the transition of lust, may  appear to be good for your satisfaction. But, if you examine it, i.e. when you desire another man’s spouse it  may lead to murders. When such a desire occurs, reinforce your self-control is the foundation for attainment of virtuousness.

The summary of the subject so far discussed is,

. The matter grasped by means of every sensory organ, if examined, its end result should indeed emerge as good.

.  When your thoughts pertaining to organs of sexual pleasure take vilest direction, if you introspect and assess the result of such foul actions, which you have imagined, you  can realize that , they will lead to murders.

.  So, if you don’t take such a course of action , there won’t be any trouble at all to you.

All these are thoughts(ideas), which manifest into actions by means of organs of your gross body. Therefore to attain the physical virtuousness, you should examine your thoughts until you ratify those actions, which you have thought are understood to be pure. Then the actions you perform by means of organs of your gross body will be pure. Then your gross body will be transformed into an image of purity. This purity will transform you into a virtuous man. Then you won’t have any troubles. This is physical virtuousness.

It is a well-known fact that, the soul is subtle. It is indweller  of the gross body. Its true form is energy. It is the basis for the origin of ideas. These ideas emerge continuously in succession. Bhava(feeling) is the state of being  for the soul. From the feeling  of the self, thoughts come out. This process of emergence of thoughts from Bhava(feeling) becomes pure  then it is said to be “ spiritual virtuousness”. The attainment of this “ spiritual virtuousness” is impossible for human beings. However, the  blessing of the Cognizant  True Master (Telisina Sathguru) is the only means to attain and comprehend this “ Spiritual Virtuousness” in the form of experience. Therefore,  the Spiritual Virtuousness is not possible to attain by any other means.

However, there is a way. Introspect, the ideas, which originate from the feeling (Bhava) as a result of changes( Stimuli-Responses) in the organs of action (viz. hands,feet.larynx,genitals and anus ) and organs of perception (eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin) very deeply. These ideas are in the form of deeds with respect  to organs of action and grasping with respect to organs of perception. These ideas are to be examined (observed thoroughly) as and when they occur. In this process of introspection at certain point, these ideas will suddenly break and fall as if they had encountered an impediment. When these ideas retard, a process of reasoning starts instantaneously. This reasoning has two equal and opposite directions. One is good and the other is bad or one leads to good disposition and the other  to bad disposition. Towards whichever direction your intellect inclines, indeed the  result (deeds) will be in accordance with that judgment. In other words, for bad people  the  result will be bad disposition (bad conduct) and for good people the result  will be good  disposition(good conduct). When you get to such state of good disposition,  your good conduct render peace and bliss. On the other hand bad disposition or bad conduct will cause grief. In addition to this, the bad conduct will ruin body and soul also.

In this way one should introspect the battle of thoughts (both positive and negative thoughts, which occur against each other), which emerge at every moment from your feeling. Then, ascertain the result of your reasoning gives you peace and happiness. This indeed is known as attainment of virtuousness.

To be precise, to attain this “Virtuousness” you should first scrutinize every act and peace of yours. Whenever you are, whatever affair in which you are, the time (society) should recognize you as “virtuous one” and salute to you. The entire universe, which consists of five elements should be in the grip of this great power called Virtuousness, contained by you. Those who, come in contact with you should speak in your absence about you, as  Virtuous one, with good examples.

To lead an exemplary life in this way is Virtuousness.



Stimulus is some thing , which causes some kind of effect on mind and increases its activity ( thoughts or ideas ). This stimulant can be any object, some influence or even an idea. Response is any change caused by stimulus. This change may result in origination of some idea, feeling and action. Let us take an example to explain this.

The eye is a sensory organ. Suppose it visualizes a beautiful, young and lonely lady ( Stimulus ). The eye grasps that figure due to some changes in it ( i.e. image falls on retina and passes that information to the faculty of vision by means of some kind of bio electrical changes in nervous system ). Then mind gasps the image as it is. In response to this stimulus some ideas are generated which result in some kind of feeling and provokes some action ( pure or impure ) in the Organs of Action.

Master says, these thoughts and associated actions are to be introspected and only good deeds are to be performed to attain Virtuousness.

2.The entire universe, which consists of five elements should be in the grip of this great power called Virtuousness:

To explain this let us take some examples:

I, Devi  Renuka

. Sage Jamadagni was a Supreme Saint. His spouse Devi Renuka was a very pious and virtuous lady. They had four sons. The youngest one was Lord Parasu Ram, an incarnate.

. Devi Renuka’s power of virtuousness was so great that, she used to fetch water from a far off river with a pot made of wet soil. That pot would remain until the water contained by it was consumed by their hermitage. Every day Devi Renuka used to bring water like this with her power of virtuousness.

. One day she usually went to river to fetch water. She took bath. Made a pot as usual and filled water in it and was about to return back to hermitage.

. Then she visualized in her Drukh ( inner eye ), the romance and bathing of a handsome Gandharva ( angel ) prince and his wives with enthusiasm. Resultantly her spiritual virtuousness was lost and the pot made of wet soil, in which she carried water gave away.

. Then her husband sage Jamadagni visualized this in his Drukh ( inner eye ) and ordered his sons to behead her. Except Lord Parasu Ram,  all others had refused. Lord Parasu Ram beheaded his mother and all other brothers with his battle-axe at the command of his father.

. Then, sage Jamadagni was pleased at his son’s devotion and obedience and resurrected his mother Devi Renuka and his brothers with the power of his virtuousness.

_   Sri Bhagavatam

Ii, Madeen Kabir Sha Sathguru,

. He was the first Head of this institution. He remained in fire for more than three hours to display the power of his Virtuousness on the request of his devotees.

Iii, Hussain Sha Sathguru

. He was the seventh head of this institution. He is the author of this book. He displayed the power of His virtuousness to Smt. Late Sathyavolu Seetha Mahalaxmi ( one of His disciples ) by making the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna to flow out of His feet as per her request.

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