Sha Philosophy – Chapter25: HUMILIATION

“ Humiliation “ exists in the personality of every human being as a temperament. It can be observed that, at times, while playing their role to perform activities, people may unintentionally humiliate each other with unsought expressions ( words ). This humiliation may occur when people speak angrily with excitement and also with satirical words. These satirical words are not harmful while in friendship but when that friendship breaks they may lead to hazards. There is no particular manner for “ Humiliation “. It may appear through different means with different motives. It is one of the bad effects of illusion ( deludion ). It occurs due to enviousness and appears through dislike.

If man is unwise, he may even resort to murders when he is humiliated. If he is wise, he tries to find various means to humiliate other again. In such situations, the humiliation may not turn into vile deeds but it may get transformed into Jeevahimsa ( Torture of soul ) and certainly both the parties suffer from grief i.e. the harsh words, which are heard by them and which cause humiliation to them at a particular instance, keep on pinching their hearts and make them pine.

When such humiliation happens in the life of a philosopher, whatever may be the magnitude of mental torture it causes, without disclosing his feelings of pain, he bears that humiliation. He always introspects and won’t curse the other as retaliation. The greatness of the attribute of such a philosopher, as is the embodiment of the essence of spirituality, is to tolerate even the unbearable humiliation also without uttering a single negative word, which will work as a spell on others. Such a type of person is indeed fit to be called the philosopher.

The Philosopher says,

Sahanambatikashtamu, lechipovagasagadu,

Proddu krunkinadi sankata memi ghatinchuno kada.

It is very difficult to tolerate this humiliation. Darkness is prevailing outside. It is very difficult to go out of this place. What difficulty happens I don’t know?

Here the inner meaning of “ difficulty “ is curse. The philosopher is praying his Master who is in the Cosmic Form to prevent the words of curse, which may originate from his heart spontaneously. If he doesn’t behave in this way, one may say that, he is not in a position to understand the true meaning of the “ philosopher “. If unknowingly anybody humiliates the philosopher satirically and due to the pain of that humiliation, if his soul ( heart ) resolves to curse, then,

The Philosopher says,

Jaladhi  manduchunna  jadadhari mandina

Smarasaragni  tanuvu  manduchunna

Aarpalerevvaru  dani kaviye  samaya  dagunugani.

Meaning :

When an ocean burns, when an ascetic burns with fury, when the body is burning with the fire of lust and when the forest is burning with the wildfire, no one can extinguish them, they themselves have to subside.

It is impossible to know which “ soul “ is in the form of a philosopher. Therefore, no one should talk loosely, satirically with the words, which humiliate others. This is essential and also an attribute for a sincere Sadhaka  ( spiritual practitioner or seeker ).

Therefore, O, Sadhaka ( seeker ) !

If you carefully endure the ill effects of all the humiliations, those occur in your life without allowing any word of curse to come out of your mouth at any moment, the abode of peace will be established permanently in you. Your life will become meaningful. Your way of leading life will be praised by others to be rare and great. If your master is True Master, when he preaches this to you and if you follow him accordingly, it will be very easy for you to obtain synthesis and attain salvation.

If you are a philosopher, when you are humiliated, may you bear that pain by showing smile on your lips! In that painful situation, when someone else looks at you in a ridiculous way or when he greets you with the intention of mocking, look at him with mercy for his ignorance. The man who can conduct such behaviour is indeed a philosopher.

The Philosopher is he, when others humiliate him without noticing him as a philosopher, when he can’t move out of that place, when he can’t come out of that situation or he cannot bear that humiliation, the time of that event is midnight, there is no alternative for him except cursing the opponent with fury, even in such a situation also he tries to show boundless patience. However, in that situation if his soul involuntarily tries to curse the person, who has humiliated him, even at that moment also with attention and fear he remembers and prays to his Guru  by saying “ O, Swami! These people couldn’t recognize me as a philosopher, so they have humiliated me; therefore kindly protect me so that any sort of word that contains curse won’t come out of my heart involuntarily”. Such a man indeed is a real Philosopher.

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