Sha Philosophy – Chapter16: PROVIDENCE (LUCK)

Providence ( luck ) is an unusual , unimaginable , exceedingly powerful and unexpected  occurrence, of any event. Man forgets about his “ luck “ when he is happy and expresses his ill “ luck “ , only, when he is in troubles and losses.

When we say happiness, it is the pleasure derived by means of enjoyment of wealth, fortune, prosperity, children and other kinds of riches. When man is happy, he won’t say it is due to his good luck.

When man loses the above – mentioned enjoyments one by one he becomes powerless.  He won’t be able to understand that “ luck “ is subtle energy and says whatever he lost is due to his bad luck. He also says , whatever has happened to him is to happen because it is in his providence. However, while he enjoys comforts, he declares , it is all due to the power of his intelligence, greatness and talent !  In fact, because of his good  “ luck “ , he is able to say with arrogance that, “ I and I only “ accomplished it. When his time turns bad and becomes adverse his life style changes and then he becomes  weak – minded and says whatever happened to him is due to his  bad  “ luck “ ( providence). This is the mannerism of an ignorant man !

The yogi , who is eminent, understands,

. The great power known as “ luck “ excels this world and plays a prominent role

. Luck changes along with time

. Luck has connection with human nature and behaviour

Whenever such a yogi observes any change in any aspect of his life, then,

. He attributes that change to his luck ( providence ).

. Endeavors to transgress it with equable mind.  In this endeavour he excels it and plays with it.

Such an eminent yogi balances and treats both the difficulties and comforts equally, with equable mind, although his luck may lead him into the worst or difficult situation or it may place him in a very comfortable or delightful position. To be precise , when he is in difficulties, he experiences them with delight. Similarly, when he is in comforts , he won’t forget them and with attention he waits for their development and change.

Therefore, the man who can bear all such adversities of providence  as an embodiment of contentment  is indeed an eminent yogi. He excels the exceedingly powerful energy called  “ providence “

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