Tatwajnanam Editorial – Jan 2016 ( English Version )

Thathwa Gnanam Magazine | January 2016 Issue

Be a Model
By Understanding “Guru Thathwam”

This Peetham’s philosophy thwarts inert feelings and reveals knowledge filled path to realize divine.



I am revealing the path to realize “Brahma” (“the God”). I am bestowing you with the divine vision to see illumination which is beyond void. In this way evolutionary change was bought by this philosophy. Whenever we try to understand divine philosophy, then integral illusion in the form hope come into action. This hope comprises physical level comforts, name and fame, and earning money etc., It is an established fact that illusionary forces are more influential than divine forces. Only through the power of divine, there lay a chance to understand philosophy. As the level of divine forces is weak and the level of illusionary forces is strong, we travel in mirage regarding the existence of God.



I read intently books, Vedas, Upanishads and several subjects relating to various Dharma’s and religions. They say his existence is astral but there… he is not visible. Some say, he resides in higher planes of existence and lower planes of existence, but in vain… I can find him neither in higher abode nor in lower abode. Recollecting all the subject matter he collected through books, he questions God, “Where can I find you?” God answers to this questions and reveals that, “I am filled in you as a form of power, knowledge and Brahma”. “Aham Brahmasmi”(“I am Brahma”). In this aspect, we have to remove ego to realize the core of existence as being divine. Then truth is revealed that self is a part of that divine brilliance. In this way we have a chance to realize divine. God is revealed through difficulties in physical life.

To obtain divine entity in life, one has to undergo troubles. Nobody likes problems and none wishes to undergo hardships. But it is impossible to know God without facing troubles.  That’s why one is termed as a pundit or yogi who has a balanced vision regarding events, resulting in comfort or trouble. To have such state and evolution, one should remember Swami’s presence in either state (That’s in troubles and happiness). Swami has blessed us with Maha Mantra and taught simplified path for realization. Mantra is Guru and Sath Guru is the form of Maha Mantra. So, Recite Maha Mantra with devotion, faith and aspiration. That recitation builds inner power and that power weakens the aspect of difficulty. Then the trouble is no more and we get a chance to enjoy happiness. The process eases the path to realize Sath Guru through Maha Mantra. The power in the form of knowledge is revealed. Consequently, wisdom eye is opened. That wisdom eye keeps mind stable, even though mind is hit by turbulent dangerous type of typhoons and life’s journey continues peacefully. Tides of sea hit shore and subside. Similarly, troubles hit mind and subside. All this is possible to only those who have attained the power to have “darshan of  Maha Mantra”(envision Maha Mantra) at times of difficulties and sense that greatest experience. We must try in this way and then we have a chance to rise above illusion. That’s why, always the process of realizing knowledge is known as “Guru thathwam”(Philosophy of Sath Guru). To understand essence in the philosophy of Guru, daily we must spend some time in our prayer room and read books on philosophy. In our experience, we realize the transformation we acquired through book reading. By this transformation we adopt troubles and comforts in same way. In the process of that penance, when we become eligible for the grace of Swami, we realize practically the underlying philosophic secrets. That human being is a model, who utilizes such opportunity and time.


Author: Dr. Umar Alisha,
Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, Pithapuram.

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