Tatwajnanam Editorial – Jul 2015 ( English Version )

Practice spiritual philosophy to realize true self
Practically apply it to protect Mother Earth

Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham’s philosophy defines a status, dictates direction to mankind and explains about refined quality life. Divinity is in humanity. Divineness is within us in the form of embodied soul. The integrated form of body, mind and soul is revealed physically as human form- the highest form in the process of evolution. That means the human body is filled with divinity and it is revealed.  The incarnated soul takes physical form and leads life with consciousness energy. This is “evolutionary formed life consciousness energy”.. Physically it can be related to life force (prana). Life force is nothing but form of five elemental forces.  The base of creation is five elemental forces and they are fire, water, air, earth and space. Hence human life force is revealed as a form of five elemental forces. That’s why a human is defined as the one who possess all five elemental forces. When life conscious energy is removed from a human, life ceases to exist.

The origin of human life rests with primordial light (God). “That day, slash away from the Supreme an attained shape of man ” In this statement gigantic Supreme form means great brilliance. Many experiments are on over the great brilliance. Some time before, scientists declared that the origin of whole creation is great brilliance. They analyzed and pronounced it as “Divine atom” and proclaimed it as the origin of this creation. The search is still going on by scientists to find out the existence of similar creation in the rest of the universe. Planet Earth is in the fourth place from star Sun. The placement of Earth is favorable for the existence and evolution of life forms, weather and five elemental forces. There are many constellations, thousands of stars and many revolving planets. If there is similar constellation, with star Sun and a planet with similar distance like earth, then there is a chance for existence of living forms.

This Peetham’s yogic knowledge reveals that the creation is emanated from great brilliance. That means this Peetham’s philosophy is scientifically oriented, depicts practical knowledge and is highly refined. It bestows wisdom eye to envision God in the embodied soul. By that one understands inner dwelling embodied soul as Supreme soul. That’s explained in Vedic literature as “Swayam Brahma na sandeha:” Though the truth is revealed and we knew that the whole creation is filled with divinity, inner ignorance prevents us to understand truth. Illusion in the form of six temptations decentralize mind and throws it into deep delusion. So, filled with ignorance, we fail to realize through wisdom eye the embodied soul as Supreme soul. To have wisdom eye and realization we have to spend some time in prayer room and concentrate on philosophic knowledge. Then there is a chance to envision inner dwelling embodied soul as Supreme soul.

In this way one has to develop spiritual wisdom eye and has to concentrate on Swami’s message “My Plant – My breath”. To prevent global warming, protect environment and to have comfortable life for present and future generations upon this planet, Swami called one and all to plant saplings. We exhale carbon dioxide and plants consume it, prepare food through it and offer flowers and fruits to mankind. They provide shade and keep atmosphere pleasant. But we cut trees and by that oxygen is lost. The raise in the carbon dioxide levels were causing global warming and harming living beings by exposing them to many types of illnesses. Prime loser is human being. That’s why every member must plant saplings immediately after monsoon enters their place and it should be more compared to past two years.  Name the plant as “Swami’s Plant” and try to have Swami’s darshan in that plant. Swami’s blessings will always be there for those who utilize opportunity to follow Swami’s word in a philosophic way. In this way, the opportunity to stay in Swami’s aim is proven for the followers. Everyone should try to accomplish such aim.


Author: Dr. Umar Alisha,
Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, Pithapuram.

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