Tatwajnanam Editorial – Jun 2016 ( English Version )

Thathwa Gnanam Magazine

June 2016 Issue

English version of Editorial

Envision world with a spiritual eye and social service eye to

transform as a total being

 Human life is pure. From birth till death every being definitely has to encounter different types of stress, problem, suffering and difficulty. We can never specify being who have only sufferings or comforts. Like a sequence suffering follows happiness and vice versa. When we walk in the day light our shadow follows us. Similarly difficulty is behind us and happiness is before us. Both appear one after another. But what we do? We only like comforts and dislike difficulties. Through spiritual knowledge, we like and accept alike these two factors (difficulties and comforts) of life.

That’s why; we should never get depressed in difficulties and feel elated in comforts. Such feeling of elation leads to ill health. Also unlimited joy leads to danger. That’s why we have to train mind so that we can alter difficulty in a microcosmic way, so that it won’t trouble us and see comfort not to cross its purview. Mind can only be trained by spiritual philosophic knowledge. Through all this, at the end, we realize that only spiritual philosophic knowledge has the power to keep mind in pure state. It defines phase and direction to mind and reveals a good path to lead life. So, if we spend some time in comprehending spiritual philosophy then we will experience it in reality.

This peetham’s philosophy defines human life process, its phase and direction. It declares that divinity is within us. Vedic literature proclaims, “Thathwamasi, Ayamaathma, Pragnanam Brahma, Aham Brahmasmi”. What is that declared in the last? Aham Brahmasmi. That means, “I am Brahma, I am the infinite reality”. Who is that I? The ‘I’ is ‘the soul incarnated’. When the soul incarnated transforms as Brahma then that soul’s residing physical becomes a pure temple. That physical is considered as temple of humanity. In this physical world we see many things with our eyes and feel happy. We need ‘eye of wisdom’ to see inner dwelling divine. Through this eye, we get a chance to envision the soul incarnated as divine.

Whole mankind’s inner residing God is one and same. We divide Lord in the form of religion and call him with respective names, adore and meditate upon him. The one who realizes the inner dwelling God and worldly God as same is termed as yogi or pundit. When one transforms as a yogi or pundit, he/she realizes that the all pervading divine power is one and is in self, others and nature. This realization is feasible through envisioning world with a spiritual wisdom eye and social service eye. When we all considered as one temple of humanity, then that human life is fortunate which effectively utilizes time and opportunity to transform as a complete individual.


Dr. Umar Alisha
SVVVAP, Pithapuram.

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