Tatwajnanam Editorial – May 2015 ( English Version )


Author: Dr. Umar Alisha,
Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyatmika Peetham, Pithapuram.

Strong Intention is the base of success

 Sri Viswa Vignana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham’s philosophy is an established and knowledge based apt philosophy for physical, mental and astral levels. It removes all difficulties, problems, pains, and all sorts of worldly troubles arising from ourselves, others and by the will of God.  Thus this yogic philosophy bestows livelihood at physical, contentment at mental level and through knowledge, blesses salvation to the soul. A question may arise like, “What is the use of learning this philosophy?” Thathwam (philosophy) can be divided like thath and twam. Thath means “that” and twam means “you”. So as a whole it reveals the truth that “you are that”. We explore philosophy only when an enquiry arises in our mind. If we have an intention to visit a village then we visit that place. This force of intention is called as philosophy. We have to have an intention to know about “What is that ‘you’?” To know about “You”, an intention from inside must arise. To move from one place to another we arrange a vehicle, similarly to know about “you”, we need Sath Guru. By following Sath Guru and travelling in the same path we grasp philosophy and subsequently comprehend philosophic knowledge. Then we explore answer for the question “What is that you?” and about its nature in us.

Our life style demands certain issues. From early morning to till we sleep in the night, we think hard and struggle about, “How to earn money?”, “How to overcome from existing difficulties and worldly desires?”, “How to live with peace?”, “How to be happy after arranging livelihood?”, “How to live with contentment?”… Irrespective of religion and caste, these (best livelihood, peace, solutions to current problems and living with contentment) are every individual’s aspirations. In this way we lead life. We knew nothing while in sleep. After waking up, we react as per our state of mind. If we get good thoughts, we perform good deeds and in case of evil thoughts, dreadful character reflects and these are daily routine life’s happenings. Mind needs philosophy to get good thoughts and for formation of evil thoughts, nothing is essential. Evil thoughts are form of ignorance. Anything can be done with evilness, but results in immense loss and life will be destabilized. To have good thought and to materialize it, we need to acquire energy. Many obstacles fall on the way of good deeds. To overcome those obstacles we need Sath Guru’s blessings. Through implementing philosophy in life and by receiving energy in the form of Sath Guru’s blessings, we can form good thoughts.

With pure mind and intention, pray… “Swami! Please bless me with righteousness”, then that intention inculcates philosophic knowledge and good thoughts. Time tests in this process. If we wish to visit Swami, then ‘n’ number of obstacles prevents us to have Swami’s darshan and blessings. But if we have strong intention to reach Swami and have his blessings, then we overcome all kinds of obstacles and have his divine blessings. Weak intention fails us in our endeavors. So, fructification of intention depends on the power of the mind. Trick, illusion and satan will try hard to weaken mind.  Weak mind ignores body and weakens intention. Then we can never ever succeed in our task accomplishment. To rise above this state, we need to chant Maha Mantra. “Mantra is Guru and Guru is the form of Maha Mantra”. By meditating on Maha Mantra, mantra’s yogic power will ignite each and every cell. The power in these yogic energized cells will transfer to body and mind. Then energy floods into body and mind letting them strong. At that state we have strong intention and that lets us reach Swami, listen and comprehend knowledge taught by him. Through all these we receive his blessings. In this way an experienced form of state is blessed. By following this peetham’s philosophy mind will enjoy peace and contentment, the physical will have comfortable livelihood and the human life which happened after cleansing 84, 00,000 life forms will have liberation and ultimate salvation. Human life will only be fulfilled when it realizes this philosophy in an experienced form.

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