Newsletter – Aug 2015

Time and Dharma are complementary And Our Dharma is eternal

 Dear Member Friends,

Hope you are all doing great with Gurudev’s blessings. The great gala of Godavari Maha Pushkaram came to an end. All religious heads offered Harathi to Mother Godavari in reverence and for the enlightenment of masses. Harathi offered by our Guruji was spectacular and an event of life term remembrance. From a raised platform I was watching Guruji offering Harathi to Mother Godavari, a perennial river with many spiritually entwined epic stories. Then, as a flash, my mind recollected our prayer in which we pray Guruji, and say in gratitude that, “Whole universe is within you and you are everything”. I was puzzled and amazed for how normal he is presenting himself and how many of us are privileged to see his true divine form. In creation great people manifest to help and guide common people to lead a better life. For that they establish Dharma. Time and Dharma are complementary to each other. As we see our eternal Dharma is apt for this current time where the world is full of turmoil and people sufferings are unusual.

Our lifestyle is hectic and we are left with no time for religious pursuits. In quest of peace modern man is visiting many places and trying hard to follow all feasible ways to attain peace. We are fortunate because we are unaffected by outside world’s violence and unrest as we have perennial Gurudev’s blessings and our Peetham promised us at three essential levels and they are… livelihood at physical, contentment at mental and salvation at spiritual level. What else is needed? Simply… all is provided by our Peetham and nothing more can anyone expect in life.

Human life is time bound and time is precious. Time never stops for anyone. So, we must effectively utilize time and do practice. By the grace of Sath Guru, at one point of our sadhana, wisdom eye ignites and opens. Then, we can see real form of our Gurudev- the form of Maha Mantra. His blessings will help us to lead enchanting life and attain eternal salvation within this physical.

Thanking you.
Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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