Newsletter – Aug 2016

Practice dharma with patience and experience “Pushkaram” in your life

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyathmika Peetham, wish you all “A very Happy Krishna Pushkaram holy festival days”

Pushkaram is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of rivers. It is said Lord Siva gave boon to a Brahmin named Pushkar after his severe penance, to stay in waters and purify them. Jupiter requested him to enter into rivers as per Jupiter-transits. As per agenda, when Jupiter enters Virgo, Pushkar enters into River Krishna to purify holy Krishna waters. Pushkara means “the one who nourishes”. So, people celebrate this festival through, music, dance, visiting temples, listening to spiritual discourses, taking holy dip in the pushkar river waters and most important they worship ancestors and offer sacred food. Such is this great gala for twelve days. For once in every twelve years this river festival is celebrated with grandeur and gaiety.

Well… let us now discuss about our Dharma…

We knew the fact that “Mantra is Guru and Guru is the form of Maha Mantra”. The powerful eight word syllable, when chanted lets us connect to Guru – the mighty force. With practice the mantra imbibes into breath and we auto chant mantra without our knowledge. Like breath it flow singing So-Ham (I am that). We realize Brahman within ourselves and live in perfect coordination with universe and source- the primordial light. Then that individual is termed as real “Human Being”. All happens with the chanting of Maha Mantra with devotion, faith and aim. Gurudev clearly says “Chant mantra with total faith and aim, then you will envision its pure form and power”.

Everything depends on practice. The ocean is full of water. It is up to you to take. We have to develop purity and capability to hold immense wholesome Maha Mantra energies. For that again simple technique is …follow dharma with absolute faith. Once in every twelve years, Puskaram festival comes to a river and purification is done. Fortunate are we, as pushkaram comes to us in our every breath as it is ignited with powerful mantra. Whenever we do practice, we will have Pushkaram festival. So wonderful is the magnificence of Guru and Maha Mantra.

So, dear friends let us all take holy dip into Maha Mantra sadhana and enjoy everyday Pushkaram in our lives.

Thanking you.

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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