Newsletter – Aug 2021

Dear Member Friends,

The most valuable and highly aspired thing in this world is freedom. People fight till their last breath to attain it and, in this aspect, not only human beings but the nations fight for it. Every being- the soul incarnated is born free and innately aspires for it. After taking birth, generally, a being is encapsulated in the womb of time, kundalini, illusion, and karmic effects and forgets his aspiration, but the soul cries for liberation. Sometimes, we feel sad and try to engage ourselves and find a comfort zone. But the mind follows wherever we go and whenever it finds us alone, it reminds incompleteness. The sorrow, depression, and void will haunt us till we find our true self –the ‘I’. When we meet our true selves, we experience ecstasy. When body, mind, and soul align in divinity, that state is a state of liberation and perfection. 

How can we attain such a state?

Swami always insists on doing Thrayee sadhana. How to do it? Swami explained to us a hundred thousand times and, yet we lag in sadhana with our imperfections. A sadhana, when regularly did become a ritual. Sufism is above all practices and awakens consciousness to a level where we understand divinity that dwells in all atoms and bestows salvation within this physical. Then, are we going to do sadhana as a habit? No, we must do sadhana with an aim, faith, devotion, awareness, and knowledge and at a particular time. Why do we have to pursue sadhana at a specified time? Imagine daily we are visiting a place at a time and spending an hour. Then the governing staff, regular visitors, and settlers of that place identify and sometimes wait for us. Like that, when we fix a time and place to do a puja or sadhana, then the deity and the energy pattern of that Guru await. That’s the beauty of maintaining time. We know clearly that Sha garu commanded time by adhering to his planned time schedules. Dear member friends, let us fix a place and time and do sadhana with devotion, faith, aim, and knowledge till we attain salvation within this physical.

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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