Newsletter – Mar 2018

Smt. Zahera Begum

Adhere to Dharma


Receive divine Mother’s blessings


Dear Member Friends,

Time rolls without our consent.  So many events flow that destiny dictates.  People come and go in our lives. Irrespective of all this life flows, unaffected. We must respect that life force in one and all. In this month’s beginning we have International yoga day and at end we have Good Friday. In between many festivals are there like Holi, Basantha utsav, Mahavir Jayanthi etc., The great Mahavir’s birth and Lord Jesus’ crucifixion on cross fall in the same month. Suffering and sacrifice, compassion and love, patience and perseverance, forgiveness and eternal bliss are the nature of great souls. They descend and extend selfless service to mankind to uplift them from ignorance and sorrow and bless them with enlightenment. Their lives are exemplary and words always fail to explain their glory.

Whenever we visit Pithapuram’s Modern temple of Humanity, we have darshan of Swami and Mother garu, right beside him. Her magnificence has no match and whoever met her will be spellbound by her affection, grace and pure love.  We knew the fact that only a realized soul living in a physical can shower such grace and fill the universe with pure love. Such loving Mother left the physical on 30th January 2018. Our mourning days will end on March 11th and her Maha Samadhi will be open for public darshan. The physical may disappear and become a part of five elemental forces but great mother will be eternally present in astral plane and bless the mankind. So, at all times, sadhakas can experience her presence and blessings. Lord Krishna blessed us with great Baghvadh Geetha, Lord Jesus with holy Bible and Prophet Mohammed with Quran. Our Mother’s life itself is a holy written doctrine. She practiced what she taught to her children. She gifted us a perennial treasure of knowledge entwined with experiences. What we have to comprehend from her magnificent life…..

Mother-thy name is patience. Like her, we have to practice Dharma with patience and pure love. It is the only true way to pay her respect. So, dear members, practice dharma till your last breath and attain salvation within this physical.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara

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