Newsletter – Dec 2017

 Thwart ignorance


          Sath Guru’s blessed divine knowledge

Dear Member friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Merry Christmas”. The life of Jesus is an embodiment pure love and light. As a bridge between God and humanity, he walked among masses as a spiritual king and healed many. Faith towards omnipresent divine Father and forgiveness towards fellow beings are part of his teachings. We are nearing to the end of this year 2017 A.D. Still our minds couldn’t totally accept faith or forgiveness. We brood over past, afraid of future and ignore the present. The time flows amidst the confusion of mind and a day come when the precious spirit which had crossed 84,00,000 life forms to attain this human form flies away to unknown zones that none could trace or guess. Many holy persons visit this Mother Earth to ignite the human minds with real spiritual knowledge. They preach and try to elevate and enlighten people. One out of millions receive their blessings, lives in the state of divine realization and rest remain in ignorance. That’s why, when dark ignorance bites mankind like malicious snake, then God sends divine personalities like Lord Krishna, Lord  Jesus, Prophet Mohammed, Guru Nanak etc., to rescue mankind and bless them with eternal knowledge. Ignorance is a powerful enemy to mankind causing unaccountable problems. To have merry life we must encounter it and rise above it.

How to thwart ignorance and receive the perennial divine blessings?

We all knew the fact that knowledge is an antidote to ignorance. So, aspire for true knowledge and blessings. Then an inquiry arises… What is truth? What is the right knowledge that’s eternal and yet apt for current living style? Too many questions… but the answer is very simple. Pray for true Guru who can teach and guide you to truth. Aspire and all your prayers will be answered. When you meet your Sath Guru, intuitively you will identify him and subsequently this relation turns more personal. Then, the initiation and knowledge transfer by Sath Guru is a secret between a Sath Guru and a disciple. After initiation into Dharma everything is a simple cakewalk. That’s, just follow Sath Guru and his preached Dharma to reach the destination of divine realization with his blessings within this physical and ultimate salvation (Jeeva deha sahitha mukthi).

Open mind is an essential factor in learning and receiving blessings. When one becomes a transparent channel with sadhana, all barriers will melt and there is no difference between a Sadhaka and Sath Guru. Such state can be developed through our Tri Sadhana- A unique realization technique propounded by our Guru Parampara.

As members, we are fortunate as we have our Sath Guru’s compassion, pure unaltered love and priceless blessings that will drench us in the blissful knowledge showers thwarting vile ignorance and filling our lives with bliss.

Thanking you.

Till… next News letter…

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara


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