Newsletter – Feb 2023

Be Open to receive Sath Guru’s blessings 
attain realization within this physical

Dear Member friends,

I hope this harvest festival blessed us with a lot of cheer and prosperity in our lives and an auspicious time. I think all our members’ minds are filled with divine feelings as February is entering our lives with spiritual richness. We all know that, we are having Maha Sabhalu (Great knowledge congregations) at Pithapuram. Exciting!!! Eagerly, we wait to attend this great meeting where seers, yogis, sages, great souls, and masters of all times participate.

It is said, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” The mind reflects in the physical. Guruji often reminds us, “Yath bhavam thath bahvathi” 

I am just quoting all this as the premises of Maha Sabha are of great pure divine energy; the thoughts in the attendee’s minds will automatically materialize. So, everyone should enter the maha sabha with pure thoughts. The blessings are unaccountable on these days. The more we are open, the more we receive the perennial showers of knowledge-filled blessings.  

When you enter, you find a perfect place for meditation where all your inner blocks will melt and new insights develop to understand and assimilate gnana (the absolute knowledge). This great peetham teaches you to find divinity within yourself and the radiance of supreme soul in all atoms. During these three holy days and in the presence of Sath Guru, one can learn the glory of inner dwelling divinity. The one, who understands the ‘Self’, understands the whole universe. Such greatness is in the spiritual knowledge bestowed by this eternal peetham.

A perfect time and place set for sadhana. So, let us all participate in the great sadhana days and have Sath Guru’s blessings to attain liberation within this physical.

Thanking you

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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