Newsletter – Aug 2019

News Letter Aug-2019

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Independence Day”. India- a spiritual country is long suppressed by many foreign invaders. As a result of countless sacrifices we got our freedom. That’s the story of our beloved country. Every individual aspires to be independent and happy. What’s true independence? Is that related to acquiring more physical property, success or power? What is it? Actually, true independence is living with responsibility. In our day to day life we often hear people saying “I want freedom”, “I don’t like others controlling me”. Mind always insists on freedom. At physical level, we wish to behave as per our mind. Mind is influenced by illusion and illusion is far away from truth and dumps us in grave situations.  But, when we abide by the Dharma, act as per it and think intellectually as responsible beings, then all our acts will be perfect and never ever throw us into misery. We feel comfortable, because we know, we took the right stance at all phases of life.

This human life has crossed 84, 00,000 life forms and possesses karmic stains of past lives. The human is an integration of body, mind and soul. As per past impressions, the life takes form and participates in the prewritten life’s agenda. In addition to karma, life is governed by time, kundalini, illusion and six vices. We are acting a karma dictated prewritten drama where situations, characters and places appear and disappear. Yet, in this imprisoned scenario, mind craves for freedom. It has many aspirations and dreams. When the mind fails to attain the set dreams and aspirations, it cries, plunges into depression and in sequence physical suffers with diseases as soul dictates mind and mind orders physical. How to break this caged life’s dangerous cycle of emotional events and achieve liberation? Sath Guru has blessed mankind with Thrayi Sadhana, a combination of Manthra Sadhana, Gnana Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana to help a being at physical, mental and spiritual level. To let us understand compassion, pure love and universal presence of the Almighty, Sath Guru ordered us to do service. By continuously practicing Maha Manthra, each and every cell in the physical burns and transforms as divine. The Gnana Sadhana which we practice through reading philosophical books will protect mind from illusionary affects and infuse stability, peace and contentment. Lastly, meditation will enhance concentration power and will help individual attain a perfect state of enlightenment. This Universal Sadhana will bless the practitioner with livelihood at physical, contentment at mind and salvation at spirit level. Thus a being is free from all bondages and attains liberation within this physical.

So… dear Member Friends, let us all do Thrayi Sadhana to erase the binding karmic walls and realize the Supreme within this physical.


Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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