Newsletter – Mar 2023

Dear Member Friends,


I hope this letter finds you all doing great with the grace of Swami. Every year, on the first Monday of March month, we conduct a communal harmony meeting at Tuni Dargah. This year, that meeting falls on March 6th. All religious leaders meet and explain a fact to the attendees that, “Religious paths to reach the God may differ, but God is only one.” Religion helps the disciple to learn discipline. Dedication, discipline, faith, aim, and knowledge is guiding principles to reach God. We must have patience and wait on till the grace of Gurudev showers. Time, kundalini, and past karmic stack create situations, and we float with the happenings. Illusion puts us in the mist. To tackle the effects of Maya, we should have clarity over self, life, relations with others, and emotions. To understand life and its consequences, we need to practice Thrayee Sadhana. 

Thrayee Sadhana comprises

  • Manthra Sadhana
  • Akshara Sadhana
  • Dhyana Sadhana

They say, “Practice makes men perfect.”  We have to practice and wait with patience for results. Time will answer all our queries and mysteries of life. Gurudev organizes so many Jnana Sabhas (Knowledge Meets) for the benefit of disciples and masses. He came to this finite mortal world to educate the masses through word, act, and blessing. Over four decades, he is continuously calling people to learn the ultimate truth. Now, it is our turn to do more practice and spread the secrets of life, the universe, and the aim of this life to others. If we feed a hungry person that will help for a half day and if we mentally help a person through counselling, that will help him till he gets a new problem. But if we train a person at the spiritual level, he becomes mentally strong and can better handle life. That’s why people say spiritual service is the best service. Guruji always preaches to see the world with two eyes, one at the physical level and another at the spiritual level. Help all the needy and poor. We hear so many good words. If we follow at least one good word, then that act will lead us to the ultimate truth.

So, dear member friends, let us practice and spread philosophical thoughts throughout the universe.

Thanking you

Till next News Letter!!!

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara

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