Newsletter – Feb 2024

Dear Member Friends,


On the 23rd of January 2024, I visited Narsapuram, a place in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh where Kavi Sekhara Dr.Umar Alisha I Sath Guru attained Samadhi, a holy place. The place has good vibrations, and my heart resonated with that vibe. My mind felt that every sadhaka must visit and meditate there to understand how the earth’s vibration correlates with the spiritual sadhana. I prayed to our fifth Peethadhipathi’s photo and other Gurus of Guru parampara. My heart filled with divine serenity, and I am curious to know what might have happened then. I got a brilliant answer from the Sath Guru Mohiuddin Badsha I picture, Gurudev of Dr. Umar Alisha Swamy, and I received a message from his divine eyes that the Masters and sadhakas would reach the abode of their Sath Guru. Then, the Guru will decide whether to give them salvation or send them back to work for the common good of all people.

When a being joins a spiritual path, he travels in that energy pattern. A change from the chosen path leads to so many troubles on the physical plane because the energies set in one direction have to transfer to another way, and in that process, the human mind will go into a state of confusion. Sath Guru Sha garu advised to remain on the chosen path with total trust, though one witnessed a fatal fall in the specified path. Strong faith in one spiritual practice will guide you like a divine in all aspects of life, and wise people say that faith and trust can move mountains. Our universal dharma has devotion, faith, aim, and knowledge as the four pillars.

This February, on the 9th, 10th, and 11th, we have Maha Sabhalu to promote spirituality and humanity in the minds of humans. In these meeting days, the premise is a pack with infinite positive energies, and the disciples of Gurudev and sadhakas can grasp knowledge and energies as per their capacity and will. These congregation days are highly auspicious as Gurus, angels, celestial bodies, and sadhakas attend the congregation. The genuine intentions of the attendees materialize through great Gurus blessings.  

The attendees have to prepare mentally to participate in these meetings and should have a pure and open mindset, and then they get eligibility to receive immense blessings and knowledge. So, dear member friends, let us do more sadhana and prepare ourselves for the coming spiritual harvest festival and have blessings and abundance.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually

Renuka Devi Vangara

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