Newsletter – Aug 2020

News Letter Aug-2020

Dear Member Friends,

This August is full of festivals and some are Teej, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janma Ashtami, Madras week, Vara Lakshmi vratham, Onam and, most important for Indians is Independence Day. The Nationalist, Philosopher, and a renowned spiritual Master Sri Aurobindo’s birthday and our Independence Day falls on the same day. Sri Aurobindo said that it is a divine decree and all his aspirations fulfilled when he is alive. He also said that the world will look up to India for her spiritual teachings. Many great leaders, unaccountable common people sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Mother and Motherland are dearer to one and all. In Sri Aurobindo’s words, “Nothing is dearer than her service”.

Our Sixth Peethadhiptahi, Sath Guru Dr.Umar Alisha, a Patriot, Nationalist, Writer, Philosopher aspired to establish an enlightened world with a universal outlook. Our current Pithadhipathi Sath Guru Dr. Umar Alisha also stands for the ideals of his Guru Parampara and forefathers is striving hard for enlightening the masses by preaching spirituality along with promoting the oneness of God, communal harmony and national integrity. Great people always work for noble ideals and we have to learn from their great lives. That’s regarding our nation. But, “What is the true independence of a human being?”

For any being, there is an outer world and an inner world. The mind with all its emotions involves in day to day activities. We just move with life, never bother to stop and look into ourselves. But, our inner self innately waits for us. The fact is “The world exists for us only if we exist” and “What we perceive outside is within us”. A human being is an integration of body, mind and soul. The existence is physical and the perception is at the mental level and the soul that pervades all body and mind waits for nourishment as we nourish body, entertain mind and neglect the spirit within. How to nourish it?

Our Sath Guru blessed the whole mankind with Thrayi Sadhana which helps to align the body, mind, and soul and helps a sadhaka to attain liberation within this physical. This sadhana transforms a sadhaka as an enlightened being. When enlightened, the person becomes independent and untouched by worldly affairs. He stays in this world and is above all emotional gulf and his mind rests in eternal bliss. But, here surfaces another important issue and that is, “How a practice fructifies in this illusion filled world?

A practitioner (Sadhaka) is tested by the time, illusion, kundalini, and huge karmic stack. It is a highly impossible task to raise above all these obstacles. Sath Guru is the form of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara, and ultimately the Para Brahma. Sath Guru is Absolute. After taking initiation into the Dharma, disciple’s life will be in the hands of Sath Guru. He guides his disciples and trains them, exposes them to situations to transform as perfect individuals. Lord Krishna said in Chapter 7 in Bhagavad Geetha


                         मनुष्याणां सहस्रेषु कश्चिद्यतति सिद्धये |

                         यततामपि सिद्धानां कश्चिन्मां वेत्ति तत्त्वत: || 

               manuṣhyaṇam sahasreṣhu kashchid yatati siddhaye

            yatatām api siddhanam kashchin mam vetti tattvataḥ


Amongst thousands of persons, hardly one strives for perfection; and amongst those who have achieved perfection, hardly one knows Me in truth.

 Who understands Sath Guru and transforms as a perfect being?

The one who does sadhana with knowledge, faith, devotion, aim, and in total surrenderance to the Guru will have courage to say, “Swami, my life is yours. It is left to you, whether you make me an emperor or an ascetic”. Such lives become glorious and independent with the touch of mighty power and blessings of Sath Guru.  Then, there is no difference between Sath Guru and disciple. In such a state, the disciple is untouched by the samsara and is in alignment with divinity. Such sadhaka attains salvation within this physical. Thus, absolute independence results through total surrenderance to a Sath Guru.

Till next new letter!

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara



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