Newsletter – Jan 2017

In this New Year

Do more Sadhana and have a New Divine Life

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “A very happy and prosperous New Year 2017”.  “New”- the word itself brings cheer, new expectations and aspirations. On every 31st December, we aspire to discard all our old stagnant, unwanted things/ thoughts and start a new life. Such is the magic in the festival -New Year when we usher in with new resolutions, dreams and aims in mind. All is well as long as we play smart, the game of life. Any life-form is more attached to mother and it appears on planet earth to experience and realize the Brahmam(The Absolute).

As a new born baby, we take first breath and we cry at once seeing the new atmosphere. We feel lost as we are out of secured, cozy mother’s womb where we enjoyed divinity. Fear engulfs and later for many, it becomes a habit to be reluctant to accept any change. A conflict runs and we are compelled to adjust in new unexpected, unwanted and disinterested things/ circumstances/ people. “Illusion” drapes our lives from the first breath and we often fail to understand the truth. We forget our past that we are departed from the “Supreme” and our soul wishes to merge back into the source. Days roll on, time ends and death engulfs. The soul cries in sorrow and it will be forced to enter in to the perennial cycle of birth and death. Hence, it is important to understand that human life is time bound and within the available life span we must search for realized divine new life.

Friends, “What is new life?”

A life which is free from the burden of its past, understands the self, the divinity that dwells in it and capable of living every moment, that’s in- “now”. How to know self- the inner divinity?

We have tri sadhana that’s Mantra, Gnana and Dhyana sadhana.  Maha Mantra guides the sahdakas in all levels viz., physical, mental and spiritual. It is said, “Guru is mantra and Mantra is the form of Guru”. Hence, if we practice Maha Mantra, we are auto-connected to Gurudev and his gigantic power. All his blessings will help us in crossing the ocean of illusion. Gnana sadhana is reading and practicing philosophy blessed by Guru Parampara. The third is Dhyana (Meditation). Doing meditation upon Maha Mantra will hasten sadhana. This practice burns all karmas and negativities.

The sincere practitioner, with the grace of Gurudev, burns all karmic cells like a phoenix bird and takes divine birth afresh within this physical itself. This is new life, where there is only bliss, knowledge, peace and contentment. There is no apathy, pure love prevails and fear disappears. Such is the magic of New Life and that can be achieved by practicing. Above all the inspiration in the form of Maha Mantra initiation is the highest, which helps the sadhaka till he/she attains salvation.

So, dear member friends, in this New Year, let us take fresh oath to do sincere sadhana to transform the life which is byproduct of karmic influence of 84,00,000 life forms as Maha Mantra guided new divine life.

Thanking you.

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

Please follow this link to watch New Year Sabha 

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