Newsletter – Sep 2019

News Letter Sep-2019

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Sath Guru Hussein Sha Jayanthi”. Brahmarshi  Sath Guru Hussein Sha garu is our seventh Peethadhipathi. Every year we celebrate this festival on September 9th with lot of reverence and grandeur. Thousands of people, sadhakas, religious heads, yogis, sages, saints’, members and seers gather to celebrate this holy event. This meet is an awakening call to one and all to understand all pervading divinity, stay united and maintain communal harmony as “God is one”.

A life transforming powerful knowledge capsule, a guide to human life is blessed by our beloved Sath Guru Hussein Sha garu in the form of a book entitled, “Sha Philosophy”. People may find difficult to understand Brahma Suthras, Upanishads and Vedas, but this book presents complicated abstract truth in a simple, understandable way that too very apt to all times through integrating essence of ancient literature. Now, it became a right guide for present generation, helping them follow and implement Dharma in their day to day life. If you feed a hungry person, that service counts for a day. If you help him by giving money, may be it lasts for some time. But blessing the masses with knowledge is eternal service. None can repay back. Such service is done by our Sath Guru. In his time frame, when he stayed here on this planet Earth, he inspired many in the path of Dharma. His life is an exemplary for disciples as well as great masters. His word is like a doctrine and innumerable miracles were experienced by his disciples. Some are still alive and recollect their life transforming experiences blessed by this compassionate Sath Guru. Words fail to explain his greatness.

What is our duty as the followers of this Dharma?

People may exhibit external gaiety and fanfare in his commemoration. But as members, we need to follow his teachings and lead life in a simple and pure way. It is said that, “The power and magnificence of all past Peethadhipathis reflects in the present Peethadhipathi”. It is also said that, ‘’All Gurus are the incarnations of Datta”. Hence, we may miss physical presence of Sath Guru Sha garu but in astral form and through his mighty works, he still exists. We must practice what he preached and try to adhere to his ideals like doing service to the poor and needy, protecting the environment through planting saplings and implementing spiritual philosophy in our mundane life. Here I quote from Manu Smruthi, an ancient Hindu law propounded by Manu

Dharmo eva hato hantee dharmo rakshati rakshitaah |
Tasmadhrmo na hantavyo  maa no dharmo hatovadhit ||

Dharma only destroys (those) that destroy it. Dharma also protects those that protect it.

Hence, Dharma should not be destroyed. Know that if violated, Dharma destroys us.

So, dear member friends, let us protect Dharma and do sadhana.

Till… next News letter…..

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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