Newsletter – Dec 2021

Dear Member Friends,

                            MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! 

On this day, we celebrate Lord Jesus Christ’s birthday. He taught us, unconditional love. He said to love your God, yourself and, do love others as you love yourself. One of the important things he taught is to forgive and be compassionate.

Many events happen in life. Of them, some we store in mind and some we forget. Some drench us in joy and some in depression. The incidents and persons we came across leave an impression on life. Every object, being, animal, plant, and even rocky world has a certain vibration. When we interact with people comprising different sets of energy vibrations, our mind responds positively or negatively. Time never stops and, life runs with or without our participation and, we have left with no choice but to respect it and move on in life. But these stagnated events imprint in the subconscious mind and influence individual health. Psychologically stored stress exhibits in the form of diseases. Alternative therapists spot inner suppressed unexpressed violence, anger and, hatred are the reasons for the outburst of any disease. All the clogged emotions, pain, stress and negative feelings deposit as contamination causing unforeseen and unpredictable ailments.

How to play a safe game with our emotions?

Mind is an asset to human beings. To achieve success and peace, train the mind as the key to human behaviors rests with the mind. Even the mind helps to do spiritual practices. So tap the hidden potentialities of the mind with meditation and restructure it with a new pattern of peaceful vibrations. In such restructured state, the mind becomes strong and acts with poise. After all, the whole world exists for us as long as we live here on this planet. The issues we face happen to teach us lessons, educate us in one aspect or another. All religious texts explain the greatness of possessing the nature of compassion and forgiveness. 

Lord Jesus Christ explains the importance of forgiving. All great men are exemplars of qualities patience, sacrifice, peace, and forgiveness. If we wholeheartedly forgive any person who injured our feelings, then we feel free. Our heart becomes light. Forgiving helps us to come out of that bitterness and unwanted stress. All poisonous imprints like anger, hatred, humiliation, inner violence, depression, etc., will be erased. Through this act, we are helping ourselves and not the other one who has hurt our feelings and life. In the game of life, it is common to have two situations winning and losing. Storing the impressions of loss makes our life miserable. We need to learn from our mistakes and compete in life games with full gist and vigor. One fact is that our life is short and time dictates our life. We have to utilize this limited time effectively by managing the mind. Emotions are a child of the mind and, by doing sadhana, we can stabilize minds and lead a merry life with health, peace, contentment, and eternal bliss.

How to do Sadhana?

Swami has blessed us with Thrayee Sadhana. Daily, we have to spend twenty minutes of our time doing this sadhana. This sadhana includes Mantra Sadhana that means reciting Maha Manthra, reading any philosophic book (Jnana Sadhana), and Dhyana Sadhana that is practicing meditation. This sadhana helps us deal with life at all levels and blooms pure love in our hearts, calms the mind, and brings it to a stable state. 

A forgiving and balanced mind is filled with pure love and is capable of helping others. They can see the divinity in self and other beings and can digest the concept of divine omnipresence. Such a being is helpful to self and society.

So, dear member friends, let us do more sadhana to create a bliss-filled world entwined with knowledge and pure love – that is our Sath Guru’s dream.

Thanking you

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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