Newsletter – Jul 2022

वन्दे गुरूणां चरणारविन्दे
संदर्शितस्वात्मसुखावबोधे ।
निःश्रेयसे जाङ्गलिकायमाने
संसारहालाहलमोहशान्त्यै ॥

I bow to the lotus like feet of the Guru,
which have shown us the bliss of our own Athma
most excellent, acting like the forest doctor
removing the most deadly poison that produces the delusion of saṃsara

 Dear Member Friends,

                                      HAPPY GURU PURNIMA 

Guru is the destroyer of dark ignorance and blesses the disciple with light and the knowledge that helps the individual rise above the six vices, time and kundalini effects and realize the true self. On Ashada masa or telugu calender’s, full moon day, the famous sage Ved Vyasa was born, and honoring him, the festival- Guru Purnima came into existence and was celebrated with devotion and faith. 

The human body is an integration of body, mind, and soul. Food sustains the body, and the spiritual practices are food to the incarnated spirit. The mental plane acts as a bridge between the physical level and the spiritual level plane. The mind has a program and directs the physical to obey its orders. The same mind craves peace and tries to indulge in several activities, pursue spirituality is one among them. The incarnated soul thus tries to fix life in this earth plane by performing several tasks. One fact is this life will perish and be time-bound. To solve the puzzle of human misery mystery, many tried various ways, and our Sath Guru taught us Thrayee Sadhana to elevate us at three levels that are physical, mental, and spiritual.

People do Guru Paduka Puza and offer rich gifts to Gurudev. Guru never expects anything from us. He aspires us to transform into real human beings. Sath Guru Sha garu preached that simply by taking human form, a being could never be a human. An individual transforms into a realized human after being initiated by a true Guru, does sadhana, and succeeds in realizing his inner dwelling divinity. Then all his actions are filled with love, light, compassion, and knowledge. He is on the way to perfection beating six vices, time, karmic effects, and illusion.

Hence, the true gift to Sath Guru is to follow his word, do sadhana, and transform into realized beings within this physical.

So, dear friends, let us take an oath to do more sadhana and shine like jewels in the crown of Sath Guru.  

Thanking you

Till Next News Letter!

Spiritually yours

Renuka Devi Vangara

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