Newsletter – Jun 2017

Our eternal asset – Our Guru Parampara’s blessed literary knowledge

 Dear Member Friends,

I wish and hope all our members are happy, healthy and peaceful by the divine blessings and grace of Gurudev. Month of June marks the beginning of academic institutions. After break of hot summer, children are back to school. We get lot of time to spend with kids in summer vacation and will get a chance to infuse new ideas into their tiny brains. Is it not!!! Hope you all had great time with children.

Fear is the worst enemy of mankind. Fear kills innovative intellectual brain and thought process. True practitioner is fearless, courageous and pioneering. Mansur al- Hallaj taught world faith in Self, Guru and God. He is an amazing personality. All positive energies and qualities emerge from sadhana. Patience and perseverance are sadhakas (spiritual practitioners) identity. Success is their stamp mark.

Here I wish to introduce two of our prayer methods from the book Thathwa Probhodam by Sath Guru  Brahmarshi Mohiyuddin Badsha. With full of devotion, faith and aim, when we raise our both hands towards space and say Swami, whole universal energy will be in our hands. Then when we join hands, they are now in Namaskar posture. That namaskar ignites our inner soul’s power. In that serene state read our prayer “Om Eswara… You are the infinite… and so…on…..  Every word in that prayer is powerful, packed with divine energy. Those energies will drench you in the divine shower. Last of all, but highest practice is, bending and saluting (sashtanga namaskaram) Mother Earth. Mother Earth is so powerful, yet she practices patience. In this process, her energies blend with ours and illuminate physical, mental and spiritual levels and fill us with infinite divine bliss.

Many simple and powerful techniques are there in our literature. I request you all to go through Sufi Vendanta Darsamu and feel the core of our dharma. We are all drenched and overflowing with spirituality in the spiritual world of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham. Is it fair to keep all Vedic treasure with us? No… Let us share our experiences with our kith and kin.

As responsible persons, we must train our children and youth in the path of spirituality and make them strong, fearless, independent, innovative and blissful individuals. Such persons will build enlightened world devoid of hatred and violence.

Thanking you.

Till next News Letter…

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara







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