Newsletter – Jun 2016

Seasons change but staunch faith never changes.

Follow dharma with faith and attain realization within this physical

 Dear Member Friends,

Bright summer sunny days are nearing to an end and soon rains will say hello to us. The fragrance of soil after first rain is nostalgic, reminds bygone episodes in life. Many descend on earth and leave this place with their memories and great works. One such great person is Sant Kabir. We have his Jayanti on 20th June (Jyesta Poornima). Here, I quote one of his dohe.

दुर्लभ मानुस जनम है, मिले न बारम्बार |
तरुवर जो पत्ती झडे, बहुरि ना लागे डार ||

Meaning: – Rare is the birth as a human being and one does not again and again get this human body. Once a leaf is detached from the trunk, cannot be joined back again. Here Sant Kabir explains the importance of human life and warns us to remember God before ‘the soul incarnated’ departs the physical. Let us recollect one poem from our Sufi philosophy.


Time is finite and we cannot dictate it. Our lives are time bound and within the available life span we have to do spiritual practice to return to our native place. For that we need to learn Brahma Vidya (The science of God). Our Gurus taught us an effortless way of realization. Chanting Maha Mantra and meditating upon it, reading philosophic books and implementing the concepts in real life and lastly attending Araadhanas (Sathsangs/ collective prayer sessions) are our three jewels of practice.

Practice makes a man perfect. We have to strive hard and do sadhana to attain perfection in life. The only way to pay respect to any sant, yogi, seer or spiritual master is to follow sincerely the principles and paths laid down by them. All roads lead to Rome. All paths lead to supreme God. In concrete jungle of many practices, we chose a simple path which is an integration of principles of Arsha and Sufi. With aim, devotion and faith we have to follow and wait in patience to understand pure love and inner divinity.

So, dear friends, on the eve of Sant Kabir’s birth day, let us rededicate ourselves to do more sadhana and realize the divine within this physical.

Thanking you.

Till… next news letter…..

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara

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