Newsletter – Jun 2018

June 2018 News Letter

TRAYI SADHANA – an answer to all mind boggling Problems

Hello Dear Member Friends,

Greetings to you all…

In this hot summer Sath Guru’s special vaisakha masam tour ended successfully. Summer is still in full swing like Sath Guru’s mission of spreading ancient apt philosophy that fits to present time and fills the lives of people with pure love, light, health, happiness, peace, prosperity and ultimate liberation within this physical.

We, being mortals are always afraid of one thing or another. We care others opinions and give them top priority and fail to understand our inside divine story. Our projected self tries to exhibit a personality that brings laurels. But in the innermost, many of us shudder in fear, dwell in confusion regarding result whenever we try a new work, face new challenges, meet new people and visit new places. Fear is the worst enemy of mankind. Though we feel confident yet tiny speck of fear creeps in and that’s fear of failure. Ignorance is the mother of fear and ignorance is a byproduct of illusion. So, the chain of fear banded with suspicion haunts, shatters built-in confidence, destroys mind, hampers productivity levels, spits malicious emotions that destroy wonderful relations and throws one in misery. In addition to illusion, we have great obstacles in the path of liberation in the form of kundalini, time and karmic stack. One must come out of all these to enjoy the real fruits of life -the liberation within this physical.

There is no medicine for fear and depression. The only antidote is practicing spiritual philosophy in life. Mantra delivers one from “Bhava sagara” (Worldly existence). The only one who helps us to cross this Bhava Sagara is Gurudev. Our Gurudev blessed us with Trayi Sadhana.  In our Trayi Sadhana we have Mantra Sadhana, Gnana Sadhana, Dhyana Sadhana. We knew the fact that, “Mantra is Guru and Guru is the form of Mantra” and how Sath Guru’s perennial blessings shower when we consciously practice Mantra Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana with devotion, faith, aim and knowledge. Gnana sadhana strengthens our faith and sadhana through the power of divine word. For fructification of any sadhana we need patience and the most important governing factor is, “Grace of Sath Guru”.

So, dear member friends, let us do more sadhana in order to erase the evil affects of illusion, kundalini, time and stagnated karmic stack and experience salvation within this physical. Once we achieve this milestone, we become true masters of our lives.  A new life emerges out of the state of total surrenderance. Then we understand every breath we take, every life and life-form. That’s true living. An eternal bliss filled life. That life is a life of selfless sacrifice and lives in compliance with Dharma.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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