Newsletter – March 2022

Dear Member Friends,

The spring has arrived, the queen of seasons, and in our country, we celebrate a festival called Holi. It is a day to refresh relationships and, on this day, we gather to play, have fun, and repair broken relations. Holi is called a festival of spring, festival of love, and festival of colors. Spring is beautiful among seasons and a season to do sadhana. Sadhana will open our heart chakra and make us compassionate beings. Pure love is God. The things, people, and work we love alter from time to time, but Sath Guru’s love is eternal. His love is pure as he is a light form upon this planet.

How to develop the quality of pure love?

Naturally, human beings expect returns for every act done. But sadhakas tend to do many deeds without much expectation. This quality develops as we practice because of the heart and head act in association and coordination. Intellectual capacity enhances, and generosity enriches. Slowly, there comes a universal feeling. The feeling of self is gone. The emotional issues relating to my family, work, and relations will vanish and take the shape of universal oneness. The consciousness expands, breaking boundaries of self, and integrates all beings, nature, and the universe. Then the sadhaka understands that inner dwelling divinity is the creator, sustainer, and destroyer. A time comes when he understands nothingness and the Absolute in his deep meditation. The world exists because we exist, and we build our world through our past lives karmic stack. Again, we mourn for the disasters that happen in our day-to-day life. We throw the blame on the situations, persons, and God.

Sath Guru clearly stated to take responsibility for our lives and never blame others. He has also been teaching to write a new life doctrine and pattern through practice. So, dear member friends, let us do more sadhana and redesign our life afresh, filled with love, light, health, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

Thanking you

Enjoy this spring and till next News Letter!

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi Vangara


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