Newsletter – Mar 2020

  Do Sadhana and transform as universal beings
Say goodbye to all petty feelings. Be noble and do noble deeds

News Letter - March 2020

Greetings to you all!!

I hope you all attended spiritual retreat held at our main ashram and came back home with bliss, contentment and abundant blessings. After every great happening, we experience some silence and that silence is precious as it contains the essence of that event. I happened to see many people unwilling to leave Swami and ashram premises after our Maha Sabhalu (The great congregations of February 9th, 10th, and 11th). Why? Naturally, the outside world is under the influence of six vices and illusion. When compared, this spiritual environment is full of purity, peace and, bliss. By the grace of Sath Guru, a protective energy field covers the whole area protecting and blessing all those who enter the premises. A child cries after taking the first breath and entering into this world from the mother’s womb. The same child resists going school, leaving his/her beloved mother and the fact is that, “A being finds solace and feels secured in the presence of Mother and Sath Guru”. Our ashram is such a place where one feels secure and comfortable as is in the mother’s womb. That’s why newcomers, members, disciples and, sadhakas don’t want to leave the ashram after our spiritual retreat days.

This year, the three days passed like three minutes and that’s the power of philosophical knowledge. Such knowledge one has to assimilate and propagate among the rest of the people who are not exposed to this spiritual ecstasy. The Sath Guru has taught us all the simplest yogic methods to take life into our control and stay stable at all times. What else one can expect? So, dear member friends, do more sadhana and follow Sath Guru’s word to realize the divinity within this physical and help mankind to rise from petty feelings and transform as universal beings.

Thanking you

Till… next newsletter…

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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