Newsletter – April 2019

April 2019 News LetterFor a sadhaka…  every day is a festival day

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa VIznana Vidya Adhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Ugadi”. Ugadi is a lunar New Year festival celebrated by Telugu and Kannada speaking people in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. This festival is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and other regions of India. From Sanskrit “Ugadi” word is derived, split as Yuga and Adi, they mean the beginning of new age. On that day, Lord Brahma created planet Earth.  Festivals are filled with vibrant colours, social gathering, celebration and an important message to masses. This festival calls the mankind to lead life with equanimity irrespective of ups and downs in life. This message is taught through Ugadi pickle which comprises six tastes and is symbolically represent the emotions of life. It is said jaggery – the sweet is for happiness, salt – interest towards life, neem flower – bitter taste for teething troubles of life, raw mango – tangy taste indicates surprises and new challenges, chilli powder- the spicy taste shows the angry moments in life. Life is a blend of emotions and rising above it to lead balanced life with unaltered bliss is the essence of life.

This festival comes in the season of spring, the queen of seasons. Life blooms. Plants colourfully flower; animals and birds enjoy the warmth of weather. Nature is full of enchanting beauty with fresh leaves, flowery fragrances, cuckooing of birds and newness everywhere. Change is on the air. If you are ready, nature will teach you lessons of life. Spring season says be ready for change and experience bliss while Ugadi says lead life with peace and balance amidst the influence of six vices- the spree of emotions.

How to achieve such blissful life?

Mind’s children are emotions. Mind is tricky, tough and tries to pose problems. In fact, a human is a replica of his mind. 90% of human problems are mind generated and if we control mind, we can take charge of life. How to take reins of life into our own hands? Answer to this query is… Sath Guru’s preached Thrayi Sadhana, and that is., Mantra Sadhana, Jnana Sadhana and Dhyana Sadhana. Practice it with faith and rise above six temptations, influence of illusion, time and kundalini. Then, with the grace of Sath Guru, life smiles and blooms with love, light, health, happiness, peace and prosperity. We never knew about salvation if our breath secedes and we leave this physical. That’s why, our Peetham promised, “Liberation within this physical” and that is the state of eternal bliss.  Thrayi Sadhana, in addition to physical and mental also blesses the sadhaka at spiritual level with eternal bliss.  Hence, we can conclude that for a sadhaka, every day is a festival of Ugadi and is enchanting like that of the season of spring. Is it not??? Yes…  So, dear friends, let us do more sadhana and lead the life with novelty and eternal bliss.

Thanking you.

Spiritually yours,
Renuka Devi Vangara

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