Newsletter – March 2019

March 2019 News Letter

Dear Member Friends,

Time never stops and life never takes a break. Life and time complement each other. On 4th of this month, we have Maha Shiva Rathri, an important festival for Hindus. It is a day when Parvathi( Mighty energy ) married the form of  eternal bliss- the Ananda Shiva. On the same day ancient mythology depicts the episode of “Ksheera saagara madhana”(Churning of ocean of milk by Gods and demons). In that churning “Amritha” (Nectar) and “Halahala”(Poison) emerged out, Lord Shiva saved the whole universe by consuming that poison which became a threat to entire existence. People fast, meditate, perform ritual and stay awake in the name of Lord throughout night. There is no doubt that all paths destined to reach one supreme light. Here, we understand underlying truth that through sadhana if we balance energies in a physical system then a state of eternal bliss materializes. On this day we express our gratitude towards Lord Shiva for saving this universe.

We have another festival in our Peetham’s calendar and that’s annual congregation at Kahene Sha Vali  Dargah at Tuni. History reveals that this holy Guru first in vision and then actually met Master of Masters, great Sufi saint Shri Akhailali Sha at a young age of five and received his spiritual initiation and lessons. The divine revelations of his work “Kalki Bhagavatham” is of great help to sadhakas in the path of spirituality. On this day thousands of people gather at Dargah to attend communal harmony meet. Various religious Heads participate in the meeting and explain about absolute truth, ultimately reaffirming the fact that “God is one and is all pervading”. This congregation is an eye opener to all anti spiritual beings, ignorant souls and religious bigots. A message of oneness of God, peace, love and light is strongly conveyed enlightening ignorant masses. Thus this Peetham is promoting communal harmony, humanity, peace, love, light, eternal bliss and from time to time protecting the world from poisonous spiritual ailments and anti spiritual practices.

It is said “A stitch in time saves nine”. In this time frame when world is under turmoil, a timely wise word saves many from unrest. So, dear member friends, please spread spiritual philosophy and help in promoting universal peace and enlightenment.

Thanking you.

Yours spiritually,

Renuka Devi Vangara



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