Newsletter – Oct 2016

True Sadhaka lives
Enlightenment and eternal bliss

Dear Member Friends,

We, from the desk of Sri Viswa Viznana Vidya Aadhyathmika Peetham wish you all “Happy Sarannava Raatrulu (The nine days of enlightenment)”.

Basically every child when born is happy, free and independent. They are free from fear and stress as they live nearer to nature. As time goes, life takes its own course, many events happen. We need to prove ourselves in several aspects of life. In this competitive world, human minds are crushed and their innovative intellectual thinking is messed up with obtaining success. Depression is a common phenomenon, which everyone faces once in their life term. Blessed are we… Are you thinking why? Here, I will present you a technique taught by Sath Guru Husssien Sha garu to handle hopelessness and subsequent happening depression in life events.

When things are against us and nothing is happening, we wish to attain success but failures recur. Days roll on and we feel we are lost in this world. Hopeless, disappointed mind leads to chronic state of depression. Then, what one does? General people take solace in some kind of addictions. But, people with spiritual philosophic bent of mind, go for more practices. Sha garu explains to divert all these stagnated depressive energies towards the cause of depression. This diversion can be done through Maha Mantra meditation. We all know, “Maha Mantra is Guru and Guru is the form of Maha Mantra”. While meditating, direct these hopeless depressive energies towards single aim, then that problem will be solved. Faith is the key to attain inspiration for practice and application of knowledge with right spirit is essential for materializing things. Even an infinitesimal doubt will fail your total efforts. In total surrenderance, this practice should be done to achieve solution and rise above the existing hopeless depressive states. Interesting… Yes… There are many life transforming techniques in our literature to solve life boggling issues and attain salvation with the help of Maha Mantra and Sath Guru.

In these enlightenment days, I wish to share with you one secret. If we practice dharma with true devotion, faith and aim, then every day is an enlightened day. Subsequently, we experience the very life in our own hands. All we need to do is Sadhana through following Sath Guru’s preached path. So, I request you all to do more sadhana, stay close to Sath Guru and attain salvation within this physical.

Till next news letter…..

Spiritually yours,

Renuka Devi vangara



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